Friday, May 10, 2013

Whispers Makes Her Election Prediction

Whispers whispered something to me a bit earlier and has told me who will be our next mayor based on several factors. She called it correctly during the last election on who would be mayor and mayor pro tem.

This year she has predicted ...

Amir Omar will take the election with a few hundred vote to spare. Steve Mitchell will be mayor pro tem.

She said that Laura's gang last night looked down, very dow, last night. I think she might be judging from the picture below.

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  1. If Amir does win, he should appoint Scott Dunn as Mayor Pro Tem.

    That would be hilarious.

  2. Well, I will make a prediction that Laura wins with 58% of the vote. After the loss, it will be interesting to then see how long AO stays in Richardson. I hope he stays around, because he is a great guy, and great leader, and my friend. That said, I voted for Laura, who I believe will serve our City very well.

  3. You could be right anonymous @ 5:17. We just won't know until the polls close. Today was the first day I thought Amir stood a better than even chance of winning. I hope he does stay around. He has actually done more good for Richardson through his own initiatives than all of the other council members combined have done through their own initiatives. If Laura wins, I agree, she will probably serve well; I just felt Amir would serve better.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Surrounded by the usual suspects. Not the first time Slagel and Keffler have been spotted together in public lately. They have been conspiring on something of common interest. Maybe it's where they'll bleed the next million from the citizens.

    Somehow, I will not be surprised in unfortunate event that Coalitionist Party pulls off another win.

    Still, our best hope for positive developments at city hall would be if Amir prevails.

  5. Whispers got this one WAAAY wrong. Perhaps a different hobby would be a better use of her time. A total wipe-out. Not even the Mazcka camp saw this coming.

  6. it's not over, she might be 50% right :)