Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr(s) Mayor 2011-2013

Tonight we will find out who will be mayor for the next 2 years in Richardson. The whispers really picked up this weekend and now, the whispers have decided who will be the next mayor.

Who is out as Mayor 2011-2013:

Out of the running for mayor is Steve Mitchell. He has only one committed vote for mayor. He was part of the ousting of Slagel in 2007, and will never be mayor again because of that.

Whispers in the Ears
The whispers have also eliminated Omar. While they whispers may let him have a seat on the council, they want to make sure that he stays in his place. Reminds me of decades old attitudes towards another group.

The whispers have also given Scott Dunn the "no way in this lifetime" message about being mayor, for some fairly obvious reasons.

The whispers are given a qualified "not at this time" to Hartley.

That leaves Laura Maczka, Mark Solomon and Bob Townsend. The whispers also give Solomon the boot.

The whispers give Bob Townsend the mayor's throne for the next two years with Laura Maczka seated as mayor pro-tem.

While all of this has been decided, there will still be another presumed illegal closed meeting to solidify these positions. Afterwards, they will vote in public to give it the  appearance of openness.

Just another day in Richardson.

As an anonymous commenter just pointed out, the second comment on Destiny's site is very much worth reading,


  1. Post on Destiny's blog said it all for me.

  2. This council reminds me of a NASCAR TEAM. Chuck Eisemann is the owner, Bill Keffler is the driver and the council is the pit crew. If you don't do what your told you get fired. How come Bob Macy only went one term? Was it because he bucked the "owner"? Guess what citizens of Richardson, this team will put us in last place once again.

  3. I see how this game is played. Let's make Bob Townsend Mayor and Laura Maczka Mayor Pro-Tem. Let's give Bob one year as Mayor and then he resigns from the council and Laura will take over as Mayor. And, THEN, Chuck will get the remainder of the council to appoint a lap dog from Place 1 to take Bobs place. Could that be Dave Peters? You know Dave was at the top of Chucks list until he had problems.

  4. Sad...I was at Wildflower this weekend and Bob Townsend made little speeches before every new performer. His slurred speech did NOTHING for the crowd and everyone felt very awkward listening to this drunk old man. I'm sure he'll garner a lot of respect for our City.

  5. I am glad some one else sees that Bob has a drinking problem.

  6. Mr. Them-n-Us would be a good choice for mayor. The less a government does, the better. Inability to speak in complete sentences equals fewer actions. Momaly must be so proud of him.

  7. Its good to see this blog and the RCA continues its tradition of personal insults.

  8. If it's Bob or Mark, then let's recognize that the next two years will be "more of the same".

    And if it gets to the point that Steve decides "the heck with it" then it's Richardson's loss.

    They are all politicians. They all have agendas (stated and hidden) and most have aspirations for other offices and/or more influence. Mitchell is brighter than most of the crowd (Paging Scott Dunn, Bob Townsend and Mark Solomon) and has lived in Richardson more than 5 years (yeah, I'm talking to you, Amir Omar).

    I wonder what is said in that 'closed' meeting? They can't be talking about salary or benefits ... those are public record for the Mayor and Council. What else could keep that meeting "secret"?

  9. Thanks for bringing that issue up anon210. But wait a minute. Things aren't clear. I just read back through the comments and must have missed what you called "personal insults." You know, things like fatboy, 4 eyes, etc. Which comment are you referring to?
    Was it Bob being to tipsy with slured speech at the Wildflower?
    Or was it the NASCAR thing? That was a good analogy.
    Or maybe the Chuck Eisemann comment? He is the man behind the curtain that pulls the strings.
    Maybe, Mr. Them-n-Us! You know he is almost as famous for that comment and he is for rolling his eyes and smirking. Both true statements.
    So which comment did you find offensive? I want to know.

  10. 2:10pm. I'm with 2:31. So which comment did you find offensive? I guess the truth hurts!

  11. were correct