Friday, May 10, 2013

The Cartoon Character Might Be A Unflattering Metaphor of Things to Come

So did Cottonwood Heights Neighborhood Association officially endorse Laura Maczka? Nope. Contrary to what this mailer seems to want to imply, the CHNA did not endorse her.

click on image to enlarge

The same card seems to be going out all over town to the different neighborhood with the only change of substituting the neighborhood name for "Cottonwood Heights".

I would imagine there are lots of HOA/NA board members that will be pretty ticked about this (unless they privately decided to endorse this mailer).

But, what would you expect from someone endorse by the Richardson Coalition who also happens to use their political consultant?


  1. what beady little eyes she has. unflattering is correct.

  2. If Amir distributed that caricature of Laura, you could hear the screams from the Coalition all the way to downtown Dallas.

  3. Greenwood Hills edition of mailer featured "Scott Dunn, neighbor". Mr. Dunn lives south of Arapaho Road, the dividing line for Greenwood Hills southern boundary.

    He does not live in Greenwood Hills, but suppose technically, he could be considered a "neighbor". That logic would make anyone who lived in Richardson a "neighbor".
    Mr. Dunn's caricature looks considerably less substantial than in real life.

  4. Guess they were too embarrassed to say which two neighbors.