Friday, September 1, 2023

Princess Laura Loses Appeal. Will Get 6 Years In Federal Prison

A three judge panel of the 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals said the bribery conviction and six-year prison term for a former Richardson mayor and her now-husband were fair and will stand. 

Orange will be her new black.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Princess Laura and Boy Toys Have a Hard Landing

Darn! Getting Married Didn't Prevent Corruption Verdict, as Planned. (I bet Princess Laura Regrets the Trade of Mike for Her Boy Toy)

From The Morning News:

Not a ‘love story’: Former Richardson mayor gets 6 years for accepting bribes, sex
Laura Jordan ran on a platform of opposing new apartments, but she voted for a developer’s apartment project after falling for Mark Jordan and accepting sex, cash, lavish trips and home renovations from him, prosecutors said.
Mark Jordan and former Richardson Mayor Laura Jordan enter the Paul Brown Federal Building...
Mark Jordan and former Richardson Mayor Laura Jordan enter the Paul Brown Federal Building United States Courthouse on Friday, July 23, 2021, in Sherman. The Jordans were convicted by a jury for the second time for bribery after a court security officer’s remark resulted in a new trial.(Elias Valverde II / Staff Photographer)
By Kevin Krause

Friday, July 30, 2021

Princess Laura and Boytoy - GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

 Mayor Laura has added a new list of credentials to her resume, a convicted felon 7 times over. Her boytoy Mark, 9 times over. I'm sure the Richardson Chamber of Commerce is very proud to have an accomplished thief among their high profile alumni. Perhaps, in the future, the up and coming Richardson politicians will consult the former mayor Slagel on how have affairs without getting caught, or how to be on the take and not get caught. Is Slagel really running for congress? He wasn't satisficed with abusing Richardson residents? This will be fun! Richardson Coalition WINNERS, or wieners! Your choice.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Vote Sold for $201,669.19 - That Probably Isn't All

The indictment against Laura reads pretty bad. It sounded like a lot of money traded hands. It did. The total amount of money listed in the indictment comes to 201,669.19.

The big money items appear to be Furniture at $74,000 to go along with the remodeling job of $24,303.02. With the remodeling job and furniture, I guess the was also a need for some walking around money, $40,000. In addition, she got a new job with her special friend. The salary, $150,000 a year plus bonuses.

Other big ticket items were stays in hotels, expensive stays. The Deer Valley hookup back in Jan of 2014 was over $7200. The hookup at Laguna Beach on Aug 13 of 2014 was over $2500. The Ritz-Carlton stay? It was only $2217.75. There were probably many more things of value exchanged, and probably things of little value as well.

It wasn't until March 19 of 2015 that she admitted to a conflict of interest. She made official voted as a councilman and mayor 3 times after she started accepting gifts. 

Our former council person and mayor. Are you proud of her accomplishments? It didn't have to be this way, but, she learned from the worst.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Indictment - The Text

LAURA JORDAN (1) a/k/a Laura Maczka MARK JORDAN (2)
§ § SEALED {T l § No. 4:18CR P l

Winning is Losing - Benefits of Corruption May Vanish

If you haven't read the indictment of our former mayor, you probably don't realize the depth of deception and corruption. It went on for years, and it involved a lot of money. But it all may be lost. The indictment indicate the government will go after all assets involved.

There may be more dominos to fall. While our disgraced former mayor may "take bullet for Jordan", I doubt that she will fall on her sword for the other at city hall. It is well past time to clean out city hall and their supporters. Maybe the Big "E' will finally fade away with his minions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What You Never Expect in Your City - Corruption Charges

Mayor Laura and her now husband face federal indictments. The saddest part, she isn't the worst of the lot. Somehow, I don't think the charmer will charm her way out of this. .

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Charm for the Charmer

Just recently, the darling of the Richardson Coalition and charmer of many, got a charm herself at the 2015 Mayor's Christmas party. In he end, I don't think it will be a lucky enough charm.

There was also a person who didn't get charmed by her that ended up with a ring.

The cost for both to the taxpayers for the charmer and the one who stayed silent since September of 2014, knowing what this charmer was up to, only $2,045.40.  That doesn't include the cost of the attorney who did the ethics investigation as a result of the charmer's games and playing around. A couple of thousand here, a couple of thousand there, sooner or later it adds up to real money.

A big thanks for this goes out to the blind loyalist and the Richardson Coalition. How special!!

I wonder how much taxpayer money was spent on food and booze.

More costs to come as a result of the misadventures, no doubt.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Might Be In Trouble ....

..... if this sign was designed, proofread and approved by our fearless leaders!!

Zoom in and see if you can find anything wrong with their "speeling."

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vote No Is Here

So much for there not being a vote no campaign. It is here. Their flier pretty much illustrates how the charter changes happened, steamroller through.