Friday, May 10, 2013

Only Political Cartoon of this Year's Mayor's Race

Well, no one can say she takes herself too seriously. This is another first in Richardson elections. Can't help but smile about it.

No, Amir nor his supporters put this out


  1. While I can see the desire & timing of distributing this latest piece personalized to the neighborhoods (mine was different), I hope everyone sees that the premise behind this is deceitful. That is, its very intent is to deceive the recipient into believing their HOA is supporting Ms. Masczka.

    This is the same approach the staff & Council used to 'approve' of transferring over $500,000 per year in direct expenses for Sherrill Park back to the General Fund in order to make it appear the Golf Fund isn't bleeding red ink.

    Low moral standards & ethics, again. We deserve better & MUST hold OUR representatives to a higher standard. Please vote AGAINST these type tactics.

    And, bring on the Charter review!

  2. My flyer mentioned Greenwood Hills. The quote on the back was from "Scott Dunn, neighbor".

    Mr. Dunn is quoted "we are standing with Laura because she stands for us!"

    Except Mr. Dunn does not live in Greenwood Hills.
    And who is the dark skinned, gray haired,glasses wearing grandmotherly type standing next to Laura? Perhaps one of those "lower income" people Laura said will be needing a place to live? Or present to show Laura's tolerance for other ethnic groups?

    Tomorrow, this circus act will be over, but regardless of who is elected, the Big Top in Richardson will be seeing a lot of acts during the next two years.

  3. You see, Scott Dunn doesn't even know where he lives. Duuuuuh!