Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Diane Bennett Wilson I really like the guy to the far left...that would be the bald guy!
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Scott Dunn for Richardson City Council That guy is definitely farther to the left than the rest of them, Diane.
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Diane Bennett Wilson Tacky, Tacky Scott....not respectable behavior of a sitting council member of the City of Richardson. Have a wonderful day!
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Scott Dunn for Richardson City Council Diane Bennett Wilson, I appreciate you recognizing a title, but I'm just an average guy with a sense of humor that is sometimes wasted on those without one. Truth is not tacky. Amir has a passion for trees, he spends a lot of time talking about shrubs and landscaping when projects come before the board, he believes 16 hooka bars are not enough for Richardson, and he most recently put forth a social program for a vote to have the city give "incentive money" to homebuyers. These are all examples of being more liberal than the rest of the council.
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Diane Bennett Wilson Amir Omar was endorsed by Bob Driegart, former chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. Were you, Scott?
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Scott Dunn for Richardson City Council Diane, I am running unopposed and didn't seek endorsements.
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Diane Bennett Wilson Glad you recognize my full name, as you will see it often the next two years. Scott, you won't go unopposed again. How is that for a sense of humor.
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1)      Giving away up to $100,000 for a pilot program to reduce the number of rental homes in Richardson and replace them with owner occupied home is too liberal for Scott. I guess giving away $100’s of millions of dollars is not liberal. Nor is it considered liberal to give away lots of money on home improvement incentives.
2)      If you have to tell people you are funny, and have a sense of humor that is wasted on those who don’t have a sense of humor, you probably are not funny and your sense of humor is not what you think it is. Reminds me of a person who tells a joke and is the only one to laugh at it.
3)      Amir is not only a tree hugger; he is a shrub hugger too.
4)      Scott does not like “hooka bars”. He seems to think a “good conservative” would allow not “hooka bars” and that 16 of them is bad new for this town. BTW, Scott, it is “Hookah”.
Can't help but laugh sometimes. Just another in the long list of some of the dunn things people say.


  1. Hooyah Diane! can we say nannytorium??

  2. Ms. Wilson,

    I don't know you, but I think I love you!!

    From Richardson With Love!

  3. Where's Mr. Mitchell?? and who's standing behind Amir??

  4. Your beloved City Manager, who falsely accused at least one citizen of not registering his rental and didn't offer an apology.

  5. Don't everyone hold their breath. Ms Wilson will be another in a long line of failure to launch in Place 3. I figure Scott is safe for a while.

  6. Early to be 'announcing' for the next election, but I've always thought it made more sense for 2 or 3 positions to be challenged (Dunn, Solomon, etc) rather than "run against 'em all" which stretches resources too much.

    Ms Wilson, I don't know you, but best of luck to you.

  7. Come on Chuck. Show us the $2,000,000 receipt to have your name on The Richardson Performing Arts Center". People have tried to get the receipt from the city, to no avail. They were told it was in the City Attorneys office. It is no where to be found in the city financial records????? What's up with that? Are we hiding it or does it not exist?

  8. From their perspective, which is the one that counts, the bald guy is fittingly on the far right. Appropriately, everyone else is left of him.