Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Richardson Coalition Donor List - Biggest Donor by far, Chuck Eisemann

Someone took a bit of time and put this together. There have been lots of question asking who is the Richardson Coalition. It looks like the answer quite simply is, Charles Eisemann.

click on the image for the full list


  1. I don't see Mr. Slagel's name. Does this mean
    1) He's not part of the RC?
    2) He donated anonymously?
    3) He's too cheap to donate?
    4) He's too broke to donate?

    I'm just asking ;)

    1. 1) no, he is their idol
      2) no, he does the deeds behind close doors and on the sly
      3) yes, he squeaks when he walks
      4) personally bankrupt

      Those are my answers and I am sticking with them.

  2. Are these donations since the beginning of the Coalition PAC?

  3. Thanks for posting the "Hall of Shame" :)

  4. Here is one of Laura's major supporters she and 5 others on the Council showed favor for on Monday night. I now have a Richardson restaurant I will never visit again.

  5. LOL! Yes, she talks about "Texas" restaurant on her FB page all the time. It's her family's favorite place to go, blah, blah, blah. Back in the day we used to call it "payola".

    I wish during the debates that someone would have asked her which restaurant in China Town is her favorite! :)

  6. I just went back to the recording and was most confused by Mr Wamstad's off the cuff remarks as to why he did not want the Subway there when they have been same strip center for years. Isn't it far removed from his restaurant anyway?

    The planning commission felt it was a good decision. What does the Council want there? Must be something. Those were odd questions from Hartley and Mitchell. Solomon asking if he would move if not approved was another odd question. Looks more like they want the guy to go.

    I really did not hear a reason Wamstad did not like the transition. To flash his big tax bill and all the talk of Slagel (not Mr Slagel) and Keffler (not Mr Keffler) says he got a payback. Stay tuned on this one.

  7. Does anyone know if there is a maximum donation limit per year? May be wrong but thought there was.

  8. Anybody know anything about Charles W. Eisemann? Who is this guy? Where did he come from? What's his background? How did he work his way into the hearts and minds of Richardson citizens? In short, why don't we look into his background and find out a little more about his personal file? Anybody know more than the guy is a manipulator and privacy snoop?

  9. Who's who?
    Eisemann - name etched in stone as the biggest loser in town.
    Von Ehr - researching and developing nano gadgets paid through government contract and STARTech seed money.
    Hoyt - ?
    Leftwich - retired jet engine salesman, spearhead of Richardson's hospital venture, private fence repaired with city money.
    Macy - stephens minister and Coalition candidate on Council.
    Nusser - transplant from Prarie Villiage, Ks, former Coalition candidate on Council.
    Ritter - former Mayor, red light camera ticket adjudicator.
    Bradshaw - ?
    Chen - retail property owner receiving special attention from Council.
    Daulton - ?
    Peters - R.I.P.
    Tanner - ?
    Russum - ?
    Gleeson - ?
    anonymous - criminal
    Bell - former Slagel partner.
    Burroughs - ?
    Eveleth - ?
    Hassler - ?
    Mazaheri - eye doctor, fence repaired with city money, owner of Richardson car museum.
    Rohm - nobody
    Wallis - ?
    Kaufman - ?
    Boardman - ?
    Kozel - ?
    Madden - state rep on the take.
    Mecklenberg - ?
    Pratt - ?
    Orleans - ?
    Spence - ?
    Mathews - ?
    Winston - Brick Row débâcler
    Wyse - ?
    Perry - network of community ministries charity operative.
    Arafin - ?
    GOPI - Slagel associate.
    Griffy - ?
    Novak - ?
    Snayd - ?
    Strand - ?
    Stuart - ?
    Syed - Slagel associate.
    anonymous - criminal
    Blanton - STARTech operative.
    Brody - ?
    Gharbieh - ?
    Kaiser - ?
    Kuzu - ?
    Noah - municipal judge's wife.
    Spence - ?
    Ball - ?
    Hamid - ?
    Johnston - ?
    Khan - ?
    Suleman - Slagel partner.
    Taha - ?
    Zaveri - ?
    Laska - neighborhood activist.
    Ferrara - land man, former cpc member
    Martin - ?
    Nicholson - ?

    Yup, a who's who of people with their fingers in the pie.

  10. hoyt- owner of richardson bike mart and the one who rumor has it got Armstrong started into doping

    1. Now this must be what makes Richardson so dopey.

  11. Rohm - receives insider information from Neighborhood Services nazis on residences facing action in Noah's court room for code violations. Has been noted for collusion and subtle coercion with the court to acquire houses cheap from distressed owners hit with large fines and condemnation proceedings.

  12. Tanner - Mr. "I pay more in taxes than you" (so I get to vote twice).