Monday, May 13, 2013

So How Polarized Has Richardson Become? Thanks to Chuck Eisemann, A Bunch

Very polarized if you look at the vote totals! It is very much a surprise even to me.
This election also had the highest voter turnout in Richardson’s history. There were a total of 59,023 voters as of Election Day and about 24% of the people who could vote actually did vote. Where the apparent polarization comes into view is that all of the other council members had fewer votes than did Laura, even though they were unopposed.
Bob Townsend only got 201 fewer votes than did Laura, Mark Solomon got 489 few votes, Scott Dunn got 562 few votes, Kendal Hartley got 590 fewer votes, Paul Voelker got 788 fewer vote and Steve Mitchell got 502 fewer votes than Laura. There was an average of 522 fewer votes for the other council candidates than for Laura, a 5% drop off.
It appears that almost all of those that voted for Laura also voted for the other council members. It also appears that almost no one that voted for Amir voted for the other council members.
It would probably be best for Richardson is Chuck Eisemann dismantled his machine of personal destruction used in Richardson politics. He has made it the mission of the Richardson Coalition to destroy people who he does not approve of. Just take a look at what he has done over the past few elections to see that as the truth of what he is all about.
Here is a link to the numbers:


  1. "It would probably be best for Richardson is Chuck Eisemann dismantled his machine of personal destruction used in Richardson politics"

    Best for Richardson, yes, but not best for the Canyon Creek Coalition.

  2. Chuck just loves to destroy other people. He must have had a horrible childhood.

  3. I saved your excel spreadsheet as a webpage and posted it on a website I got for us for fun.

    If you ever need to post sonething and blogger won't let you.....

    you don't have to post this.

  4. The election is over. Ms. Maczka won decisively. The returning Council members were re-electd unopposed, and the new candidate was elected unopposed as well.

    You may be disappointed at the results, and negative election tactics, but they are common in modern campaigns because they work.

    But choices still remain. Those who were disappointed at election results should attempt positive dialogue with those elected making known their concerns. (Regardless of what perceived attention those efforts may have received in the past). Or one can perpetuate a "sour grapes" complaining attitude.

    The former has an opportunity for success. The latter has no chance of working.

    Those who were elected should be demonstrably open to receiving those positive concerns and questions, and be mindful that those concerns and questions are no less important to those posing them than those you yourself hold.

    Negative accusations and perceived inaction by those so accused are never successful. Posive and open interaction is often successful for all.

    No harm can come from trying.


    1. I think I'll consider your suggestion iff following a positive campaign. For this cycle, they reap what they sew. And, that ain't the spirit of cooperation now is it?

  5. Where can I see a list of the members of the Coalition PAC? I'm planning to map 'general area of town' out of curiosity's sake.


  6. Anon at May 14, 2013 at 10:41 AM -

    I agree with your comments. However, I (and many others) have engaged the Council in what we thought was constructive, civil dialog regarding the needs of our area of Richardson and, in fact, of Richardson as a whole.

    Much lip service from them - but very little action.

    Oh, we have nice new softball fields, but no one realized that the Park Board planned to keep them locked up 90% of the time so we can no longer have kids wander out to play a pick up game, dads catching as daughters practiced pitching, or just friends walking onto a field to play. Not well thought out, but very much a 'we know what's best for you' attitude.

    I, for one, see similar plans coming to reality for the City pools. Eventual closing of most neighborhood pools and probable building a nifty Natatorium which will be centrally located (and inconvenient for most). And it would be indoors and not the 'walk or ride a bike to splash with your toddler' experience that Richardson has had available for so long. Terrace and Glenwood pools would be likely targets to be phased out.

    Specific emails to both Mayoral candidates: Plans to revitalize the East Richardson area? Amir replied, said some things can be done, other things will be tough to accomplish, but was thankfully honest about that.

    Ms M? No reply at all. Oh, a generic 'Your Neighbors Support' cartoon mailer but zero concrete thoughts and plans.

    We've worked with the Council, seen the Coalition steam roll over opposition candidates, and with this Mayor election, realize that thousands of dollars, distortion of a person's personal history and lies will be spread if someone runs against their candidate.

    At this point ... who wants to go through that?

  7. Getting 70+% of most any population is pretty remarkable in this day & age, not a sign of polarization.

    1. 70+% of most any population?!

      Only 24% of registered voters voted!

      17% voted for Laura
      7% voted for Amir
      76% couldn't care less one way or the other!!

  8. Anon 10:41

    Just wondering, do you and yours take the advice you give others regarding this Mayor'a election and apply that positive attitude towards the last two Presidential elections?? I'm sure you do! You sound like a reasonable and fair minded Obama supporter, right?

    Just like dirty politics is a "normal" thing during elections, so to is a distaste for the antics after the election. Get a grip, there are no fair minded politicians willing to "listen" and do what's best for this city, as you imply Mr. Rogers. It's what the old white corrupt wizards want, at any costs, period! I'm not mad about the results, I'm disgusted of the lengths some will go to get results!

    Seems easy to dish out such a positive message after the last 3 months of BS and lies that have been told! Just saying!

    From Richardson with Love!

  9. To quote a current national politician:

    "What difference does it make now?"

  10. Anon @ 1:39: I appreciate your asking whether I take the advice I posted earlier. I do, and the last two Presidential elections you mention are in the past, just like our elections last Saturday. We can accept them and deal with their result in a positive way or fail to accept them and withdraw. I disagree "there are no fair minded politicians willing to 'listen'and do what is best for this city". In fact, I believe the new mayor will listen.
    (By the way, I'm flattered you mention me alongside Fred Rogers -whose optimism didn't leave him even as he was dying of stomach cancer)

    I have talked with the fellow who raised the issue of the inequity of the golf course contract. As I recall, he began discussion with the management of the City about five years ago meeting a brick wall, but kept at it, attracting supporters until this past January, when management changed the contract. the new one limited the contractor's remuneration to a maximum of $225,000 per year. Depending on how well the course does, I'm told the additional funds for the course will increase at least $550,000 and probably more each year.

    The point is success does not happen overnight, and very rarely results in everything one wants to achieve. So...I understand you're not pleased with the campaign rhetoric, it bummed me out too. But giving up is to abandon one's hopes for change. And change in the present circumstances can only come with working with those who are elected, period. It will be apparent to the public over the next two years how suggestions are received and whether they are acted upon.

  11. " It will be apparent to the public over the next two years how suggestions are received and whether they are acted upon. "

    That ship sailed years ago. If you're happy with the status quo, as most of the voters obviously are, that's great.

    More significant change, without true risk of fortune and reputation, is now quite difficult in our fair city.

  12. To anon 1:20 pm,

    Just because someone votes for Laura does not mean they are ok with the vitriol and how Amir was treated. I voted for Laura and I am not happy.

    It doesn't reflect well on her and I know people who are disappointed with her unwillingness to stand up for the larger community.

  13. Same here. I voted for Laura and can't stand the RC. So many of you easily forget that the RC imported, groomed and elevated Amir to office. I never voted for Amir and wasn't going to start now. Laura has less Coalition blood on her hands than just about anyone at city hall.

    1. OIC, only a little blood spatter from being an innocent by-stander. Ya, right.

  14. Anon 8:03PM

    For clarity, the RC has "imported, groomed and elevated every person on the Council. The basic purpose for creating the RRfMRG, aka RC, was to take out the newest Council members they did not groom. And they are grooming others. They have found they can control the vote.

    Apparently, you did not review Laura's campaign finance reports. Go look at the 8 day. There are some really specific large donations she is beholding to in the future. Looks like last night was her first payback.

    She has less blood on her hands because of time at this point. The future will unfold telling the story how deep she is really in. Point of no return has come.

  15. Laura has her first drop of blood on her hands. No Subway and no comment.