Saturday, May 4, 2013

Someone is Paying Attention and Connecting the Dots

Incentivized contributions:

Mr. Wamstad is the The Shire/Silver Fox/Texas and has designs next to it. Taxpayers built the road Infocom on his property. And the current decline by the CPC and approval by the council says more is in the future. He has given $7000 to Laura

SAF is Chase Bank bldg entity of the developer Mr Fobare and currently under infrastructure "reviatalization" since the development plans in the TIF area did not pan out for anyone other than Pitcock Automotive. He also built Eastside in the TIF area. $5000 to Laura.

Mr Gleason is Brick Row and really wants that $10m at 7% compounded interest to be paid some day. $2500 to Laura

These are the mixed use developers of Richardson for all those apartments,uh, mixed use developments Laura says she is going to protect the neighborhoods from.

Do ya think?

And by the looks of her other donors, Slagel, Murphy, Keffler, Townsend and the broad list of other Coalition members, she really means what she says with affordable housing.

Or maybe they just paid her to try and sway her.
May 4, 2013 at 5:30 PM


  1. If I had to guess, these men do not live in Richardson or get to vote in Richardson but they have a big influence in Richardson. Much more influence than anyone from anywhere else.

  2. With all those doners, just how much money was exchaged under the table in the past and maybe in the future? We may never know or will we! I am not happy with either candidate but if Laura wins we will still have the slick under handed goings on we have had in the past.

  3. Look at Laura's campaign finance report. She is not only supported by all those that come before the Council, but the same council members. There is something really questionable with this. All of that smooth talking she was not with the Coalition appears to be a lie. It is one thing to talk it, but the report removes all doubt.

  4. I guess that this isn't the right spot for this question, but I'll ask it anyway. Just who is Mark Steger anyway? Read an article by a reporter that linked to this Steger's blog. I can't seee why his opinion should really matter. Has he held any office in Richardson, or been on any Boards or Commissions? Seems to me that he is just an ordinary citizen with no qualifications for being an expert on Richardson politics. I read some of his posts, and they certainly are not brilliant, and often make little sense. Just asking why we should even care about what he thinks.

  5. M. Steger writes with intelligence and humor. He does not have a "rah, rah, always support the official city position" attitude, nor does he follow a "City officials and anything touched by the Coalition is evil and misguided" attitude. He is an independent voice and to reject him outright is a rejection of reason and civil debate.

    Really . . . a public voice doesn't matter unless that person has held office or been on a board or commission? Think about what that means re the small clique of constant critics of City of Richardson.

    JM (not Bill, not John - just JM)

  6. Developers who develop in a city donating to candidates they believe would benefit them most--is this really newsworthy? Sounds like every election in the country to me. Not to mention, the three developers aren't even in the coalition. I guess Laura just isn't supposed to get money from anyone.

  7. There are more than three. It is just that the folks reading the reports and this blog don't recognize the names.

  8. What is "a rejection of reason and civil debate" is to imply that Mr. Steger has been in any way neutral in his commentary on the mayor's race?

    Besides that, Mr. Steger is a boring pedant. He is always giving his opinion from on high, as though we all should be astounded by his musings.

  9. Laura has been going on and on support of Amir is not from Richardson, yet the developers do not live here either. But they do have a play in the field. Is it a conflict of interest?

  10. Steger is a lonely heart with only a handful of facebook friends. Call it unpopular, or misguided. If he were revered for anything it would be his secular position on matters of government and society.