Saturday, May 4, 2013

Richardson Coalition PAC Fiings

Ever wonder who gives to the coalition and how much they give? There are some answers. And they do like their secrets.

Unlike Amir Omar, the Richardson Coalition does not disclose all donors. There were two lines for “anonymous” donors. Well, so much for them caring enough about transparency to actually list all the names of their supporters.

For the January PAC filing in January, none other than Chuck Eisemann leads the way with the biggest donation, $2805.95.

Here are the links to the Jan filing and the 30 day before election filing.


  1. I believe that David Gleeson ($1000 donation) is the developer's representative who spoke before the council concerning Brick Row. I have to wonder what other disasters the city has in mind for that developement. Or was it payback for what has already been done?

  2. Funny, the PAC did not claim Laura but Laura finally claimed to Coalition on her PAC. If you compare donors here and on her report, it is virtually the same.

  3. Thanks for updating with these reports.

    So what is the trick for searching the TEC database for campaign finance reports? I can find the Coalition's reports by using their account number since it was posted on the link to the report here, but I cannot find reports for either Omar or Maczka when searching by their last name in a "simple search". Nice tool if I can figure out how to properly use it.

  4. Anonymous 1:44, the filings for Laura and Amir can only be gotten from the city secretary. They do not have to file with the state.