Monday, May 6, 2013

Richardson Coalition Attacks Backfiring

A little bit ago I got a call from a friend who lives out of state but their parents live in Richardson. Her parents typically have not voted in municipal election and have tended to only vote in national elections.

That was then and this is now.

Today they did vote in the Richardson’s municipal election in the mayor’s race. They also voted in a way they never thought they would.

The attack came out from the Richardson Coalition and included personal attacks and misrepresentations. These people decided that mission The Richardson Coalition has taken with acts of personal destruction cannot stand without answer. Their answer was to vote for the person who was being attacks in such a negative manner.

They also voted for a person who has different religious beliefs than they do, religious beliefs they felt would prevent them from voting for the candidate.

Those are two votes for the candidate the Richardson Coalition opposes that would not have happened were it not for the shameful misrepresentations the Richardson Coalition put in its mailer.

Maybe there will be many more like minded people, enough to make a difference. Who knows? But these people had enough and voted when they would not normally do so.



  1. Yesterday we found Laura's signs (as well as Scott's signs) disappeared from our street. Did the neighbors pull the signs out after they voted, before the main election day??? That seems odd. Or did they learn something about Laura's campaign? Or did they hear the A-word?! (=Apt)

    Now there's only one Laura sign left on our street, with a few Amir signs still standing.

  2. Hope they didn't hold their nose and vote the Coalitionist Party way.

    I'm guessing Laura ran out of signs and relocated them.