Monday, May 13, 2013

Some People Say Some Pretty Dunn Things

Someone took this screen shot and sent it to me. I have some people blocked and don't always get to see what nutty things they say.

Someone may want to correct her faulty information (if they dare). I think the correct annual budget for the City of Richardson Budget is no where near $40 million. That figure is probably off by a factor of five. The annual City of Richardson budget is closer to $200 million. Some things are jsut amazing.

The fun just keeps coming, even when you try ignoring it.

In fairness she does bring up a good point, the RISD affairs need attention paid to them as well.

After a bit, and a few comments, she finally got the numbers just about correct with this post

The RISD put this out about their budget and it showed it was about $250 million. Bravo Lisa! You finally got it. See

But, it didn't stop there. After a few minutes she posted this:

Sometime a person just can't leave well enough alone. After getting the number on the annual budgets just about right, she falls off the cliff and claim the RISD budget is about 1.5 times as large as it really is.



  1. Guess it runs in the family.

  2. lisa and scott, two peas in a pod. if they could stay away from politics and public statements they would be much nicer people. i like them both of them personally

  3. Why do you have her blocked?

  4. I wasn't aware there were big issues over at RISD. If there are big issues, why doesn't someone pose the issues and get an honest discussion going. Getting the facts straight before ranting would be nice, but I'm not optimistic.

  5. Didn't they pull their kids from RISD and put them into private school?

  6. She should go ask Scott He was on the audit committee with Laura.

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  8. Anonymous 5:17, what you said may be true, for more people than just them. But,just a bit too personal. Try again with something else if you would like.

    Anonymous 12:51, to remove the temptation to comment on her. Doesn't work all the time thought.

  9. David, I got the $375K from total revenues on Table A-4 on page 30 of

    Two of our children graduated from RHS, went to Arapaho Elementary and RWJH. Our youngest graduated from a private school (attended the school for 9 years) because RISD did not provide appropriate services for dyslexia.

  10. so lisa whatcha say? you shoot first and then aim? kinda hard on the toes. i will be awaiting for your further revisions.

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  12. Given that you have never been in an election and your husband hasn't ever actually won one then why should we care what you think?

    26 years at the same job? Wow. Got an ego much? Too mediocre as to not warrant advancement or try to move forward. That's amazing. Can I touch you? Are you made of gold?

  13. Lisa, it seems you spend a lot of time on places that do not involve work during work time. For just my site, and from Raytheon alone, in just the past 30 days, there were 297 visits with an average of 2.56 page views with an average time on site of 10:44 for each visit.

    There are probably other viewers from Raytheon, but I would take a guess you are my biggest fan. Let me thank you for that before I forget. During just these past 30 days total time on my site from Raytheon comes to about 35.24 hours. You might want to check my math; it is confusing multiplying whole numbers by time and getting some kind of decimal number or something.

    Now if you think a bunch of people are calling you dumb, I think you would be making a mistake. You do say some dumb things though. There is a difference between being told you say dumb things and being called dumb. I am sure you know this already given you graduated “summa cum laude”.

    Thank you for taking pity on all of the bored and unhappy people in Richardson by your visits and comments. It is a real delight to have you here.

    Now it’s time I quit holding back and tell you exactly how I feel about you: “Lisa, thanks for your input and please comment more often. It is always entertaining. We don’t have enough summa cuma thingies going on around here. Please do have a very good night!”

  14. Ok I had to look up your linkedin to actually believe it. Incredible.

  15. Ahh, no fair, no take backs Lisa. Now that you started something let it roll. So I will repost what you said at 8:26.

    Momaly has left a new comment on your post "Some People Say Some Pretty Dumb Things":

    Yeah, I guess. I don't put as much effort into Facebook posts as I do my engineering management job that I've held for 26 years after graduating summa cum laude.

    I just enjoy giving you guys someone to call dumb. Not an adjective that's EVER been used to describe me, but hey, glad to entertain the bored and unhappy of Richardson.

    My point was that there's another election in town and we should be paying attention.

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    Posted by Momaly to Just My 2 Cents Worth at May 13, 2013 at 8:26 PM

  16. might be wrong but statement of net assests is not the same thing as a budget. thought most all knew that.

  17. Should just change the title of this post to "Some People Say Some Pretty Dunn Things"


  18. To clarify the ANON 8:50 comment, refer to GASB 34 which clarifies the importance of long-term trends involving negative changes in the city's net asset position (supposed to be a true measure of cash flow using GAAP for muni's, and that's assuming the books aren't being cooked and everything is above board). This as noted by ANON 8:50 is different than the general fund budget, which does not include all of the other city funds (golf, sewer & water, bribery/corruption, etc.).

  19. @ 8:50 AM

    Why some people call "Actual Revenue" (which is on page 8, not 30) "Budget" beats me!

    Special (confusing) term for non-financial people?