Monday, May 13, 2013

How and Who

Next up, selecting the mayor pro tem. Both candidates said they wants that done in public, not behind closed doors. Well, now if the chance for Laura to stand up for what she says she wants which is more openness.
So who do you think the next mayor pro tem will be?

Will it be Scott Dunn? Not a chance, although I would not be opposed. If he were selected as mayor pro tem it would make the council meetings about as entertaining as they could be. No one wold be able to know for sure what was going on.
Will it be Mark Solomon? Not much of a change. This is the guy that said since we require pet registration why not also have rental registration. If Solomon were selected as mayor pro tem, he would also bring lots of excitement to the council meetings. He is kind of like a Richardson’s version of Joe Biden.
Will it be Kendall Hartley? There is a chance they could select him. He is about as non-offensive and non-polarizing as you can get.
Will it be Paul Voelker? He might now be a bad choice either. He seems much smarter than two of the other council members and has done nothing to polarize people. Might not be a bad choice.
Will it be Bob Townsend? It might be, if Bob doesn’t decide to retire from the city council.
Will it be Steve Mitchell? That is where I would put my money. Steve has been on council for a while and was mayor for two years. The Richardson Coalition unseated him just so they could get their guy, Gary Slagel back on the Mayor’s throne so he could go out as mayor. Steve was a good mayor, he made pretty good choices, and did the best he could considering the city staff and city manager worked against him by holding secret meeting with Slagel and other underhanded efforts.
So there are three who could be mayor pro tem, two who will never be mayor pro tem. I think Mitchell has the best shot at being selected.
I can’t wait for tonight’s meeting and see which direction our new mayor will try taking things. I also hope she tell Chuckie Eisemann to stuff it as she has said she would do.
The Richardson Coalition did her no favors in this election. They just further polarized the city. As long as they continue their efforts of personal destruction, nothing will change.


  1. All of the council is in the pocket of the Coalition, so what does it matter?

  2. As I said before, look for Scott Dunn to be Mayor Pro Tem.

  3. Mark is pushing for it, but Steve will get it. He learned his RC lesson already and is not back in line.

  4. Mr. Mitchell is the only council person other than Mr. Omar that did not want to entirely cease the discussion of charter review because it might take up the whole 2 years.

    Sure going to miss Mr. Omar.

    The January 30th, 2012 item D part 2 video is available on the city website. Good review of what we can expect. or

  5. Oh please, not Dunn. Dufus can't put a sentence together and would not be a positive for our city. At least Mitchell can talk even if it is out both sides of this mouth.