Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Car Wash Provided by City of Richardson on Jupiter

By mistake today I happened to drive down Jupiter and got a free car wash. I made several U-turns and went through the water running down the street to get that extra dirt of my car. Well, it didn’t work as well as a real car wash, but it did get my car wet.  

I had not looked up the rules for the water restrictions in effect so I did today. Here they are:

 Water usage during Stage 2  Water usage during Stage 2 shall be subject to the following:

1)      The use of manual or automated sprinkler systems is prohibited between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. or during any periods of any precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, etc.).

2)      Excessive water runoff from any landscaped area onto impervious surfaces is prohibited.

3)      The washing or hosing down of buildings, sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, parking areas or other paved surfaces is permitted while using a hose with an shutoff nozzle.

4)      The washing of vehicles, boats, trailers, other mobile vehicles on owner’s premises is permitted while using a hose with a shutoff nozzle.

Seems the city officials want you to follow the rules and it seems the rules are just kind of like suggestions for them. It was about 11AM when I went by Jupiter and saw the sprinklers running so as for suggestion #1, they kind of seemed to have ignored it.

As for the suggestion that excess water getting onto Impervious surfaces and running down the road, it seems they really didn’t think it would do much hard either.

Suggestion three they kind of sorta ignored too. That area of the road is getting a good washing.
They did kind of follow suggestion 3, my car still isn’t clean. So that doesn’t really qualify as a real car wash.


  1. David,

    I assume you reported this incident so it could be fixed.

    John Murphy

  2. great suggestion. let's all be little water nazis too and turn in our neighbors.

  3. I sure am glad you got your car washed. Next time try the sears parking lot, or Arapaho between Plano and Bowser, or in front of the Soccer store on Arapaho at Jupiter. Those are great places and it doesn't cost you except for gasoline.

  4. Anon May 18 "great suggestion. let's all be little water nazis too and turn in our neighbors."

    That's your response to someone suggesting this be reported so it could be fixed?


  5. They have a wonderful new iPhone app they spent thousands on so these things can easily be reported -

  6. Yes, Luke I saw the demo of that app. Funny thing is, they told us that 80% of the City requests are for bulk trash pickup - but that the app does not allow those requests to be submitted.

    So the app was developed to handle 20% of the City requests instead of the 80% that are more frequent.

    Weird prioritization..