Monday, May 6, 2013

Eight Day Campaign Finance Report Just Came in for the Richardson Coalition …

…and there are a few surprises.

What is of no surprise is that Chuck Eisemann donated the most money to the Richardson Coalition, $5500. Jim Hoyt gave the second most, $5000. Gayla von Erh finished off the top three biggest donors with $2500. For the 8 day report there was also one donor for $100 from Bonnie Perry.

Now for the surprise:

Legal expenses for Vincent Lopez Serafino and Jenevein with a $5000 retainer. This is probably going to be a good move on their part, they will probably need a lawyer after the out-right misrepresentation in their senior and regular voters guides. The Richardson Coalition were given information that their misinformation in those voter’s guides were not true, and the sent them out anyway. It is a part of their tradition of acting like it doesn’t matter how they play the game, it only matter that they win at any and all costs.

They spent $9447.46 on the senior guide and $15104.75 on the regular voter’s guide. They list in their report that this was done on behalf of just one person, Laura Maczka. They are down to only $1180.66 of cash on hand.

Laura Maczka also knew the voter’s guides had incorrect information before they landed in the mail boxes. She did not condemn the Richardson Coalition for this misinformation. She should probably save some of those campaign funds for what seems like a law suit headed her way and the way of the Richardson Coalition.

Here is a listing of those who have donated to the Richardson Coalition for the 8 and 30 day before election period:

Here is a link to the Richardson Coalition 8 day report:
Richardson Coalition 8 Day Before Election Report


  1. The coalition and Mrs. Maczka
    Should be held accountable. ALl ove town people are talking about Amir's "child support issue." If he loses the election, it won't be hard to prove that the lies told by the RC and Maczka had a direct effect.

  2. I'm really disappointed that Jim Hoyt has a connection to the RC...but then again, he supported Lance's lies until the bitter, bitter end.

  3. I don't begrudge him his support of Armstrong. Hindsight is much clearer than foresight. Lots of people were duped by Armstrong. I never really cared about him one way or another. Most anyone can be taken advantage of and their trust abused.

  4. Where the report asks for address, none of their donors put addresses, just city state and zip. I am sure willy will go over it and file a complaint with the ethics comm for this violation.

  5. Thanks for sharing the Hall of Shame!