Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Amir Omar Makes the Cut for Best Politician in the Area

Amir Omar Makes the Cut for Best Politician in the Area

Only one politician made the list with D-Magazine, and it was not Laura Maczka. The only Richardson politician to make the list was Amir Omar. Check out http://surveys.dmagazine.com/bestofbigd2013-culture to see the rest.

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If you want to vote for the online poll, go to http://surveys.dmagazine.com/bestofbigd2013-culture/vote/4 and vote for Amir Omar.

Amir Omar's nomination for this kind of an honor kind of make some of us in Richardson wonder what the heck is wrong with Chuck Eisemann and why he would hate Richardson so much that he would drag it through the mud and into the outhouse with his crap. Really!



  1. There have been many episodes of Richardson's recent history, unknown to many, that have come to light in this Mayoral election.

    A shameful past is not the kind of history that gets catalogued in the public library, or even preserved for the pride of future generations. It gets hidden and destroyed.

    Decades of secret deals, stolen public property, hi-jacked financial assets, and irresponsible spending have left Richardson with the notoriety ascribed to any corrupt municipality.

    The track record of the ruling junta and the absence of confidence in local government is driving the need for positive changes in Richardson.

    The will of the citizens has been blocked and ignored too long.

    It's time we elect a Mayor and Council focussed on working with us and on our interests instead of colluding with fellow office holders to set an agenda that diverts their attention and our public resources to the special interests of a few.

  2. Chuck Eismann has the honor of being mentioned as well for best Performing Arts Center category. I won't be voting for Amir but I'll be voting for Chuck :)

  3. Best performing arts center (that runs in the red)?

  4. While voting for Chuck, ask he when he plans on paying out that $2million he owes for naming rights of the local performing arts center.

  5. Andy @12:37

    You're right - the Eisemann does run in the red, and probably will continue to run deficits for the forseeable future. There are those that did not like the way it was financed.

    But reality is it's here, the City is not going to sell it, (where would they find a buyer) nor are they going to be able to erase the debt.

    Is it not better for citizens to look ahead and insist on having a say for future city actions and ventures? The past won't be changed, but we can learn from it.

  6. That's not surprising for those who know him. What is surprising is how the Coalitionist Party has been beating him down while the rest of the community sees what kind of guy he really is. So much for the respectability of those members of the old guard.

  7. Those who do not like the way it was financed are correct. It should not be run by the city, but an independent management firm. That way maybe it could be utilized to it's fullest extent. This city is great at losing money. They try to make the Wildflower event look as if it makes money, but it does not. The city does not want to deal with concerts for the younger crowd, and events that other cities regularly promote. They want to keep it for the RC elite and friends.

  8. Anon 4:08

    Do you think the Eisemann Center HAS to run in the red, on purpose? It appears yearly deficits are quite different to the way financing went down in the past.

    No one asked the city to sell it. They were asked to run it more efficiently to make hotel taxes available for creating other venues in Richardson.

    The past can always be changed and adjusted in the present for the future. Is there no hope the Eisemann Center can operate better?

  9. Should be a red flag (with yellow hammer and sickle) flying over the in-the-red Eisemann Center

  10. Something else about who asked who...the City NEVER asked the citizens if they wanted to build the thing in the first place. No bond election was held. No ballot decision was presented to the voters. In short, it was financed with certificates of obligation and later refinanced with municipal bond money. So much for honesty and transparency in local government. Now, we'll pay forever because the Eisemann Center will always consume the lion's share of the hotel-motel tax, never reaching solvency, at the expense of everything else that could have been done with the revenue.

  11. Anon @ 12:06 AM

    appears you missed the point. No one said they wanted to sell that elephant. IF the City wanted to sell the Center, they would have NO BUYERS, because loses money, and still has substantial debt to pay off, which debt is paid with Hotel/Motel taxes.

    And surely you jest about being able to change the past.

    We can LEARN from the past, and do our best for the present and the future.