Thursday, May 9, 2013

Richardson Coalition in Apparent Violation of State Ethics Code

It seems as though an official complaint has been filed with the ethics commission against the PAC Richardson Residents for Responsive Government, also known as the Richardson Coalition. There are two main complaints: 1) Failure to list the full name and address of donors, and 2), Failure to report PAC related expenses.

Someone sent me the text of what it seems the Richardson Coalition is in violation of:

Title 15, Subchapter B; § 254.031
§ 254.031. General Contents of Reports
(a) Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, each report filed under this chapter must include:
(1) the amount of political contributions from each person that in the aggregate exceed $50 and that are accepted during the reporting period by the person or committee required to file a report under this chapter, the full name and address of the person making the contributions, and the dates of the contributions;
Example of No Address Being Provided

In their expense reports dating back to when it was first organized, they only provided the name, city, state, zip code the date, but in every case on their financial filings it seems they failed to provide the addresses of each donor.

The second violation concerns failure to list the expense for the rental of the Richardson Room for the Real Heroes ceremony. When looking back through the 2012 filings, that expense did not show up as an in-kind donation or a listed expense.

The filings for the Richardson Coalition can be found at this link:



  1. ethics software removes address

  2. More likely B.S. There is nothing private about the information. And, these are actual images of the documents filed. B.S.

    There are good reasons for these laws. And, no gooders don't like those reasons. Specifically, taking the heat for being outsiders trying to throw this historic municipal election.