Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Real Heroes Awards – Campaign Law Violations?

Back on Thursday April 12, 2012 at about 7pm, the Richardson Coalition held what it calls the Real Heroes Award ceremony. Some very decent people are nominated for their service to Richardson. It is a shame the leadership of the Richardson Coalition is not nearly as upstanding as are the Real Hero nominees.

Going through the financial reports there is no mention of the Richardson Coalition paying for their use of the Richardson Room for this event.  According to the records the Richardson room rental totaled $539.95. It was paid for by someone with a MasterCard on 2/12/2012.

Going back through the PAC filings for the Richardson Coalition, there were some expenses listed for the Real Heroes event. The Jan 15 filing had no expenses for this event. There was an expenditures list on 6/26/2012 to Stan Bradshaw for “Gift/Awards/Memorials Expenses” in the amount of $450.32. On the 8 day before election filing there were some more charges for the Real Heroes event paid to Chelsea Schmidt for event expenses related to the Real Heroes event in the amount of $465.60.

The rental fees for $539.95 are not show in any campaign finance filings. I don’t know for sure, but this might be considered a violation of campaign finance laws. Guess we will just have to wait for Wild Bill to come up with his verdict before we know for sure.
Link to the finance reports for the Richardson Coalition:



  1. Cammpaign violations? there are so many Laura signs on public property it is unreal. Why hasn't the city taken up those signs.

  2. The enforcement of that is loose to say the least. Sometime they enforce it and sometimes they do not. Not right, but the way it is. They might respond to a complaint if you call one in.

  3. Here's the details on filing a complaint. You can be assured, no complaint gets ignored. Every good citizen is encouraged to help keep the system clean by reporting violators, especially the ones who defy the rule of law.


  4. Campaign signs in the public right of way? Ha!

    There is no champion of campaign law enforcement in Richardson. Can't you tell?

  5. Rumour has it, and maybe William J. McCalpin will use his vast resources to confirm it, that formal complaints have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commission charging the Coalitionist Party PAC has violated campaign finance laws.

  6. Sounds like the law is on their trail. These are serious charges that will take some time to investigate. It is comforting to know our good and faithful public servants in Austin don't take kindly to this kind of funny business.

    I heard they were caught red handed playing fast and loose with donors money involved in their Real Heroes program.