Monday, April 1, 2013

Whaa, Whaa, Whaa Cries the Richardson Coalition

Can you guess what the following picture is?

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Just in case you couldn't guess correctly, it is the world’s smallest violin playing the world’s saddest song for the Richardson Coalition. My feelings of sadness for them are about as big as the violin pictured.

So, what am I talking about? From the Richardson Coalition email bomb earlier today:

“Dear Mr. Omar,

Last week many Richardson citizens received a mailer from you, where you once again used a quote from the Richardson Coalition. After your earlier use of the same quote early in your campaign, we politely requested that you no longer use stale endorsements from 2009.

You ignored our request.

In addition, your campaign workers are now calling voters using the same quote and also implying support of the Richardson Coalition…”

Fact of the matter is, Amir is telling the truth. The Richardson Coalition has endorsed him in every past election he participated in. I think there is a polite term to be used for the action of the RC this year; they want to be Indian givers. Once they give you something, they want it back when it suits their purpose.   

So to the whining coalitionist, I say whaa, whaa, whaa. Get over it.


  1. This cracks me up.

    Your total focus is your hatred for the Richardson Coalition. Talk about an intellectually dishonest debate tactic!

    How about publishing something about Laura vs. Amir without using what other PACs are doing or saying? Got anything substantive to say besides who in this town supports who and what they are saying? Geesh.

  2. Wait, so the RC isn't showing their hatred with that BS email?!?! Well good googly, moogly!

  3. Anon @ 6:16:

    The post in my view simply pointed out in a humerous way how the Coalition is unhappy with Mr. Omar's pointing out (accurately) in his communications the Coalition did endorse Mr. Omar in the noted previous elections. That the Coalition apparently wants Mr. Omar, in essence, to not tell the truth emphasizes their petulance when facts don't fit how they want things to be.

  4. What is wrong with pointing out how childish the coalition is?

    Part of the argument here is that a vote for Laura is a vote for the coalition. That they are not independent. I don't say I believe that but if you do it is fair game to criticize the coalition. Laura hasn't distanced herself from them enough in my mind.

  5. Reservation ResidentApril 1, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    RC! Cry me a river, better check your hypocrite meter..

  6. Anonymous 6:16, glad I made your day and cracked you up!

  7. The RC is being petty and petulant with this latest email, childish even. The leaders in the RC are creating an albatross around neck of the candidate they would like to see as the next mayor. The leaders in the RC probably do see the harm they do themselves and how unfavorably they and their membership are becoming. The candidate they support does not see it either.

    As for the candidate herself, she made a huge mistake in voting against direct election and charter review citing they did not have time to make the changes needed. The people thought differently and voted 75/25 for direct election. The RC tried its best to mislead the public and did everything they could to keep control from the voters.

    Ms. Maczka is not a leader. If she were, she would have voted in the same fashion as did Mr. Omar on direct election and charter review. Ms. Maczka and the rest of the council have shown us how not to be a leader on these two issues.

    The vote that night, now over a year ago, sealed her future image as a follower, and not that of a leader and indicated she cannot make the tough choices a leader needs to make. It was a mistake she will probably never overcome.

    As for Amir, he has shown many times he will vote against the sheeple and make the tough choices even when they are not the popular choice. Mr. Omar and one other defied the rest of the council on the rental ordinance. The one issue alone probably was much of the reason for the MetroTex Realtor Association endorsement.

    I would rather have one true leader on the council to go with the other sheeples. Mr. Omar’s actions remind me of Jim Shepherd’s time on the city council. He was at many time “the one” on the council. We need more people like them willing to serve.

    The RC most likely prevents good and decent people from stepping up and serving the public due to the RC's past campaigns of character assassinate.

  8. Very well said.

  9. I think the RC is desperate, fearing that they might lose their grip on the city council.

    >sealed her future image as a follower, and not that of a leader and indicated she cannot make the tough choices a leader needs to make.

    Maybe "following" is what she meant by "leading from the back"!

    Mr. Shepherd was strongly against the rental ordinance (along with Mr. Townsend) when it was originally discussed back in 2003 and predicted a lawsuit.

    Looks like it's the history of Richardson's city council: those who are brave enough make waves get kicked out or subdued.

  10. I realize politics makes for strange bedfellows but the Original Poster has a point about intellectual honesty. I'm not a Coalition supporter by any means and would LOVE to see them go away but Amir was recruited by the Coalition with the single purpose to eek out enough votes to restore their dear leader Slagel as Mayor. He is indeed a product of your hated RC. And Amir voted eagerly as he was instructed to put Slagel back as mayor. The other entity many of you hate. Somehow now he is totally forgiven for being a shill in the recent past.

    While many of you would like for it to be, this election isn't about the Coalition. Laura didn't vote to put Slagel back as Mayor. In fact her stepping into the fray appears to be what forced the issue of him leaving. I am just looking for some consistency here. I just don't see how you can hate the RC and now totally back Amir. Rationalize it all you want but he went along with an awful lot of waste and 'establishment' until it was expedient to suddenly be against it.

  11. Who said anything about totally backing Amir. In context they are both doing what politicians do. Amir has been open to hearing other perspectives. Maybe he has leanings to some of those and maybe he doesn't. It is truly clear Laura does not. She has admitted often her leanings. More debt. More density. More private conversations about it. More ordinances to reduce freedoms.

    This election has two candidates to chose from. Laura telling everyone is irrefutable. What other conclusion can you draw from this?