Saturday, March 30, 2013

MetroTex Endorses Amir for the Next Mayor

The realtors expect Amir to be a better mayor for Richardson than Laura would be. That is some big news and good news for Amir. The other two associations that have endorsed Amir are the Richardson firefighters and police associations. Also, here is his latest mailer: amir-130329.pdf

An interesting thing is going to play out in Richardson this year. The Richardson Coalition was the only organization that opposed the charter change that would allow for the direct election of the mayor. The vote was 3-1 for direct election. The also happen to be the only organization that is supporting Laura Maczka. With 4 of the local organizations split 3-1 for Amir Omar, and the public supporting direct election by a 3-1 margin, it make me wonder whether or not this election is already over leaving Amir as the next mayor.

It also makes me wonder how nutty the city council’s actions were to get involved with endorsing anyone for mayor. It probably won’t be a problem if Laura wins because that is who the city council members also want to win the election.

There will probably be some serious tension among the council members when Amir wins. The tension could have been tone down quite a bit if the council members had kept their traps shut about who they preferred. Even though it is their choice to endorse or not endorse anyone, it was probably a very bad choice to make a public endorsement the way they have done. Almost childish.

Interestingly, the city hall website has been silent about the forums. Maybe our new city manager has learned from the previous city manager that city staff should not run interference for council members. I am curious though, after city hall’s involvement in helping promote the 2010 bond, if this silence from them means they would like as little news about the forums as possible to get out. Let the vast majority of people sleep through another election cycle.

Amir will probably be our next mayor for a few reasons. First, after the city council voted 6-1 against direct election of the mayor, the voters said 3-1 they wanted to elect the mayor. 3-1 even after everything the Richardson Coalition could do to scare the public into voting to not allow direct election of the mayor. Second, of the associations that have a history of endorsing candidate for election, by a margin of 3-1 they have chosen to endorse Amir. The Richardson Coalition is being recognized for their past bad behavior of trashing some very good people who have run for city council. As time goes on, more and more people will look upon the Richardson Coalition as some very nasty people whose endorsement will become a liability rather than a benefit. Third is the numbers of donors to the campaigns for mayor. There are far more people donating to Amir than Laura. Fourth, Amir has been working very hard to bring in some new voters. Fifth, from my point of view, Amir has made better choices about charter review, direct election, finances and the rental ordinance just to name a few.

For those reason, Amir will be the winner in the May elections.


  1. It is a fair bet that realtors recognize a young, vibrant mayor will be better for attracting young buyers that will re-vitalize the Richardson economy.

    A reversal of the senior retirement community push of past administrations would do a lot to pull out of the nose dive that has young people moving to other, more exciting towns.

    There is much benefit to having intelligent, energetic younger leaders and their ability to bring new life to old, stale communities.

  2. lol!!!
    The Coalitionist Party leadership posted a "we really didn't mean it" open letter to Omar. In another stupid attempt to smear a good man, the Coalitionists are crying foul at Omar for mentioning he had their support until he stopped responding the their demands and became "uncontrollable".

    It would seem four amigos REALLY want to make sure everybody knows Laura is their steady date dance partner.

    Average citizens recognize this as a solid indication that the puppet masters have Laura under their spell, that she has taken the loyalty pledge, and is re-hydrating with Coalitionist Kool-aide at every campaign stop.

    A entertaining episode of Alice in Wonderland could be re-written with the mad-hatters in this town.

  3. I voted for all 14 of the coalition's past candidates. I have only 1 or 2 regrets among those.

    This time they are making it harder for me to vote for their candidate. One reason is we have two capable candidates when in the past the non RC candidates often had a grudge, were sometimes nutty or sometimes not qualified. (Sorry people. That was my take.)

    In this case their opponent, Omar, has clearly demonstrated his leadership skill. They still treat him like a goofball running on one issue. What? The last endorsement want good enough? Why not? So if they aren't proud of him now what does that say about their ability to screen candidates?

    It's not credible.

  4. Anon at 4:30 on April 1:
    It's pretty simple, really.

    Given the choice between Amir and Laura, Richardson Coalition picks Laura.

    Where has Amir clearly demonstrated his leadership skill? He has not been able to change any of the other 6 councilmen's minds on council decisions where he voted 1 to 6. That doesn't seem like leadership where it counts most.

  5. Anon 5:16

    Yea, that's great logic, for school aged minds! 1-6 vote on the direct election, with those 6 votes getting their asses kicked by what, a 70% "For" vote. It appears the majority of Richardson voters saw it like the "1" vote. That's leadership, making the unpopular decision among your peers because it's the right thing to do. Omar wasn't shamed into a "NO" vote or told how to vote.

  6. Non unanimous votes are a sign of a healthy political body. Better said if they are always unanimous then watch out. The mayor gets one vote like everyone else. The fact one person might be the lone vote against is not an argument against that person.

    If you want to see Amir's leadership just watch the council meetings. He stays to his principles and isn't afraid to take an unpopular stand.

    I'm not knocking Laura but you asked about Amir.

  7. >He has not been able to change any of the other 6 councilmen's minds on council decisions where he voted 1 to 6.

    Maybe the better question is why they're always 6-1 votes? That makes me wonder more about the other 6!

    What about Amir's leadership in the community? He's here, there and everywhere. Incredible energy, which is what Richardson needs.