Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ripped Off From Amir's Facebook Page Without Permission

This afternoon I was looking around for a list of upcoming forums and could not find them. But, I did find this and it is a view I share. Wtihout asking for permission to post it here, here is the link to it:

Hi Amir,

Last night you experienced in a concentrated dose what many of us in the community have experienced from the Coalition in more subtle diffused ways. WHY on earth is the entire City Council unopposed?  Every single solitary place is unopposed.  Why?  Because no one wants to stand up to the ridicule, to being ostracized, to being maligned for not conforming to the Coalition.  What does that say about how the City is run?!  I am voting for you because you dare to be bold.

You voted FOR the people electing the mayor.  You voted that way even though you were the only one on the Council to do so.  I am voting for you because you dare to be bold.

You have been “politically threatened” by the Coalition.  Yet you still chose to run.  I am voting for you because you dare to be bold.

The powers of the Mayor are remaining the same.  How can being elected by the people vs the council be anti-establishment?  It’s pro-citizen.  Declare that boldly.  What you said Sunday afternoon about under the old way the unanimous vote of the council would seal the deal, but under the new way, each citizen’s vote is as important as the inner circle vote.  Please declare that boldly.  Pound on it.  Jump up and down on it.  Repeat, repeat, repeat….and repeat.

Your tangible ideas for what to do in the City are valid and exciting.  You do have a knack for creative problem-solving.  But other people have good ideas, and can even implement them.  Your distinction, what sets you apart, what inspires us to vote for you is that you dare to be independent from the pack.  You dare to listen to other voices besides the Coalition.  You listen to the fire and police departments who are on the front lines of our City…they KNOW the issues we have.  You listen to the arts community and see the need for a defining identity that will draw people to live in Richardson.  You listen to businesses and developers who are wanting to do well in our City.  But you don’t require that they fall in line with you “or else”…you build consensus and stir a spirit of community.  You dare to care about others…you dare to be bold.

You dare to be bold…which inspires us to be bold.  And isn’t that what leadership is?  Richardson citizens really want to participate and contribute to the common good of our City.  Up to this point that has been difficult to do if you weren’t in line with the proper people or didn’t willingly kiss designated body parts in order to be deemed worthy of attention.  We’ve now tasted a bit of “participation victory” by getting a petition through to vote for the Mayor directly.  You were the ONLY one on the Council in favor of that.  You were the only one advocating transparency.  You were the only one giving voice to the citizens!  Declare that boldly!

You haven’t lived here all your life.  Neither have I.  So does that mean we are forever outsiders?  There is a huge segment of the population that have not lived in Richardson our entire lives.  And if we want workers in Richardson to become residents in Richardson, then we will have even more non-native Richardson-ites.  We are a valuable contribution to the City.  Declare that boldly.  You embody that.  Ask us to believe that too and to exercise our ability to contribute by voting for you for Mayor.  Declare that boldly.

What you represent is far greater than who should be the first mayor.  You represent a fair and citizen-centric way of working together to build our City.

Be bold.  Keep on inspiring us to be bold.
(Name Removed)

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  1. David, I'm glad you posted this.

    This author couldn't have said it better.

    I also read the FB comments. I'm so pleased to disvoer that other people feel the same way!