Friday, April 19, 2013

Total Class from Amir

Amir Omar has provided very much class act response to the Richardson Coalition's Senior Voter’s Guide mailed out the other day. The question remains whether Laura Maczka will respond in like manner by condemning the actions of the Richardson Coalition and return the money given to her by those who have supported the Richardson Coalition and their deplorable actions.

Here is a link to Amir’s response:

Also, after the jump, is the text to his response.


(Amir's Response)
Richardson Deserves Better

On Wednesday, our City experienced an unfortunate new low in political discourse. The Richardson Coalition, a political action committee that claims it is trying to help Richardson be the best it can be, sent out a “voters guide” to our senior citizens that demonstrates everything ugly about politics in one colorful piece of mail.

Using half-truths and gross overstatements designed to scare our seniors, the Coalition chose to try and smear my personal reputation and good name. This was a plain and simple act of character assassination without any regard for decency or the truth.

I will simply and clearly state that the allegations are absolutely false, baseless, and misleading.

This is more than just an attack on my family and me, this is an attack on the very fabric of our community. This tactic aims to silence anyone who dares to oppose the Coalition. As a result of this desperate act, multiple Richardson Coalition members have resigned in the first 24 hours after this libelous attack. Simply put, they all agree that Richardson deserves better. We are hopeful that other good and honorable members of this group will also resign in protest of these actions.

Very early in the campaign, I publicly vowed that I would run a positive campaign focusing on the issues, and our respective track records on City Council.  As a person of principle and integrity, I will continue to hold true to that promise.

My Opponent’s Connection to the Coalition

It is important to point out my opponent's ties to the Coalition.  My opponent and the Richardson Coalition have been jointly paying for and using the same campaign strategist to orchestrate these attacks. In addition, many Coalition members have personally contributed to my opponent's campaign to fund these attacks.

I have always said that my opponent is a good person, but the actions recently taken by her campaign and the Coalition are deplorable.

I would like to believe that Laura had no involvement or knowledge of these tactics.  If Laura is truly not responsible for the actions of the Coalition, then she will do what is right and publicly condemn these actions, the Coalition itself, return any money received from them, and disassociate with the Coalition and the campaign consultants responsible.

What You Can Do To Defend Our City

The central theme of our campaign has always been “Principled and Independent Leadership” that honors your ability to have a voice. We offer residents an option for Mayor that will consistently stand up for you - even when it goes against the wishes of local power brokers who may not have your best interest in mind.

The Coalition has greatly underestimated our residents. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support over the last 2 days! If you agree that this type of campaigning is reprehensible, we could use your help to push against it.

Have your voice be heard! Sign up to volunteer to help us spread the word one person at a time or help us with the funding necessary to defend honest and fair campaigns in our great City!

Thank you for your continued support. I am truly honored to have it.

Omar for Richardson




  1. Like I have said a number of times, Amir Omar is a respectable guy with high moral character and the Coalitionist Party is not and has about the lowest moral character in the neighborhood.

    How much longer will the citizens allow Eisemann and his gang of bullies to push them around?

  2. Remind me, please. With the last Voter Guide, was Amir Omar recommended by the Coalition?

  3. It is unfair to ask Laura to denounce the only PAC or group that supports her. You should be asking for and expecting evey member on the city council to denouce the RC and their message.

    For each member who does not denounce the RC I will leave their spot on the ballot unchecked. That is what every voter needs to do this election for this tone deaf bunch of people who claim to represent us.

  4. DuckDuckGoose

    Mr. Omar was recommended by the Coalition both in the 2009 AND 2011elections.

    The Coalition made no negative statements against Mr. Omar prior to either of those elections.

    Their promise to support Ms. Maczka for mayor in 2013 made her ascendancy a virtual certainty because Ms. Maczka and six other councilmen voted against direct public election of the mayor. The Coalition was shocked when such a direct election was put to a public vote resulting in a 75% to 25% vote in favor.

    Well, now there was a real chance that control of who would be mayor might be lost. What to do---now Ms. Maczka had to RUN and get the vote of the public more than the controlled vote of six people that had always been planned on.

    And there was even a bigger problem. The councilman that had received their support WITH NO RESERVATIONS for two previous elections, Mr. Omar, not only was straying from the "everybody gets along and votes along to staff's drumbeat" WAS ALSO GOING TO RUN FOR MAYOR!!!!!!!

    Not content with the heretofore courteous campaign on the issues and extremely concerned by possible changes suggested by Mr. Omar, the Coalition, the only organization supporting Ms. Maczka, issued a possibly libelous extremely negative mailer attacking Mr. Omar, Maczka's opponent.

    The revulsion felt reading that mailer was akin to the revulsion felt for pedophiles.

    I have seen and experienced this kind of activity by the Coalition before. People in Richardson have no idea how far they will go to retain control. Just remember, when lies are told often enough and long enough, unfortunately good people are misled. Don't let that happen here.

    Vote for whomever you choose, but do vote for new ideas, new directions, and complete openness.

  5. I find it strange that the Richardson Chamber of Commerce is staying silent this year. They normally try inserting themself into politics. It is also strange that Ms. Maczka is not publicizing the support she has from the only Political action committee supporting her. Maybe she actually does find the actions of the only PAC supporting her to be reprehensible. If so, she should say so. Also, this year the city staff is not out there promoting their pick. It is a strange election cycle for Richardson this year. It is such a strange election cycle that if the RC were to disband after this year’s election loss for them and crawl back under the rock from which they came.

  6. The Richardson Coalition are nothing but a bunch of SNOBS! It is their way or the highway. I will be very surprised if Laura deounces them at the LWV forum. I am hopeful that someone will ask that question, and IF the LWV's will allow that question to be asked.

  7. Oh, good one 1:27PM 4/19.

    In case you forgot, the Eisemann gang endorsed Omar back when it suited their purpose. That is their practice. It's no different now.

    Back when the Coalitionist Party endorsed Amir, they, and others wanted to oust Dennis Stewart. You may recall a confrontation at the polls when Martha Ritter rolled up and ripped down a poster displaying the Coalitionist Voter Guide and pointing out that it was not, in spite of its appearance, an official City document.

    This should impress upon everyone that an endorsement by the Coalitionist Party is self-serving and it should be considered meaningless by any thinking citizen.

    Because the Coalitionist Party is threatened with a reduced ability to dominate public policy through this Mayoral election, they are resorting to their core values of lie, cheat and steal. They have proven themselves willing to say or do anything, including intimidation, and threats of personal harm to get their way.

    The question we all need to ask ourselves is, "Do we have the strength of character to do what is right?"

    Do the citizens of Richardson really want this gang of hoodlums hi-jacking and controlling the governing body and public resources?

    I agree, 4:02PM, For each council person running for re-election who does not publicly denounce these Coalitionist Party tactics, there should be left a blank next to their name on the ballot.

    As for the argument that an endorsement by the Coalitionist Party was ever worth the dignity of recognition, consider the source.

  8. Chamber of Commerce?

    Let's not overlook the fact that Eisemann incubated the Coalitionist Party from resources gathered through his being President of the Chamber and having access to intelligence on individuals and businesses gathered by the Chamber.

    Eisemann was followed by none other than the infamous Bill Sproull, who profited handsomely through financial support for shame operations directed by Keffler, Slagel and their minions on the Council. Remember STARTech?

    For those who do not know the history of the Coalitionist Party, be assured, they have consistently behaved badly.

    The Coalitionist Party will smile in your face but stab you in the back when you turn away. This, we witness yet again in their involvement with the race for Mayor in the City of Richardson.

  9. >I am hopeful that someone will ask that question, and IF the LWV's will allow that question to be asked.

    We submitted exactly those questions at the JJPearce forum, but they were screened out. So we aren't hopeful they'll get asked at the LWV forum.