Friday, April 19, 2013

Greenwood Hills/JJ Pearce Forum

The Greenwood Hills/JJ Pearce forum was held last night. It appears that Laura’s final statement was pretty much an argument for the status quo.

Anonymous said...
At tonight's forum, Laura said "My opponent is endorsed by unions and a special interest group" while she's endorsed by the DMN, 5 council members and 18 past council members, without mentioning the RC.
Then she said "Do you trust the DMN?" Someone in the audience said, "NO!"
A committee screened questions. None of my questions were asked. Someone else said the same thing. I saw at least 40 questions had been collected from the audience. Fewer than 15 questions, mostly from the HOAs, were asked.

I left early so I missed this. But it is interesting that she did not mention the only group who supports and endorses her, the Richardson Coalition. The lacking of mention of this group infers to me that she might be displeased with the Senior Voter’s Guide mailer they sent out a few days ago, but not displeased enough to rake them over the coals for their actions.

Other than that, from both Amir and Laura, the part of the forum I saw both candidate were professional, articulate and appear to make a good presentations. It will probably be a close election when all is said and done.
Next up, the League of Women Voters.


  1. Laura also said it was her opponent who said the new nanatorium would cost $30M. She thinks more like $15M (like we think that's ok?!)

    She says there are $300M in bond projects on the board so she's not sure which ones the next bond election will be for, but the next bond election will be coming for sure.

  2. Whether she says it or not, she HAS the backing of the Colonists. She has their email database. She lives next to Ray Noah. She grew up around Slagel's kids and got his support the first time. She has gotten money from Von Ehr, Ritter, Eisemann, etc.

    You cannot hide from that.

    There are no contests of any seat. Many have tried. One sided representation, the RC and garnered help from inside City Hall staff leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    Never thought I would want to move from any city for this reason. Dennis Stewart's parting comments make sense now.

  3. Funny Laura mentions Omar being endorsed by big bad "Unions" as a negative thing. Only problem is Laura seems to forget that she too wanted the Firefighters and Police Officers endorsement, AND their money, only they chose to endorse Mr. Omar. With the inferred negative comments she's making about police officers and firefighters for getting involved in the process, it's no wonder why they did not choose to endorse Laura.