Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There are Some Good Ole Songs I Like…

… and Laura did a take-off, kind of,  on one of them. Nancy Sinatra had kind of an odd and sexy voice doing that song. And if Laura does happen to "walk all over me", at least it won't hurt too much.

A few days ago Laura sent out an email updating her activities, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. Apparently she and her helper contacted almost 1000 people. She is working for every vote.

This morning Amir sent out an email saying your voice was heard, loud and clear. Some on council may need one of those old hearing aids that look like part of an old record player to get the message though. They didn’t seem to hear the public desire very well you when they shot down further discussion of direct election. It is funny going back to the recording of that work session and seeing Mark Solomon saying he had hear nothing of how people wanted direct election. I think he might have heard when 75% of the voters in the charter change voted to say, “heck ya, we wanna elect our mayor”. But, you never know for sure.

Laura’s “These Boots Were Made For Walking” email the other day:

We're Cookin' with Gas Now!

This weekend, our team of dedicated volunteers was able to contact nearly 1,000 voters, and thanks to you, we met our fundraising goal and were able to purchase more signs! Our team has delivered over 2,000 signs to date, and the list just keeps on growing.

Through our block-walking effort, Team Maczka has contacted over 4,200 voters, and we're showing no sign of slowing down! If you want to help out and walk with us, we meet every Saturday at 10:00am and every Sunday at 2:00pm at Laura’s house. Walking your neighborhood is the easiest and most effective way to help Laura get elected! We can also send you a personalized list that you can use to walk your neighborhood on your own time.

Please contact Jennifer by email  if you would like to get involved! Just click HERE.

Only 14 days left until Early Voting starts. We are making huge strides everyday towards achieving victory on May 11—don’t sit on the sidelines this election!

Get Involved  today and help us cross the finish line!

Let’s go win!

- Team Maczka


The email from Amir this morning:

Your Voice Is Making a Difference!

A few days ago the latest campaign finance reports came out and your voice was heard – Loud and Clear! Not only did your contributions help us raise more money than our opponent - we have nearly twice the number of donors! All credit goes to you. Our campaign demonstrates daily that your voice is more important than the influence of long-time political power brokers who opposed your right to vote for Mayor.

Your support inspires and empowers me to stand strong on principle and be the independent and forward-looking leader our City deserves! Your help will also be the difference as we take these final steps before early voting begins.

Help us keep up the momentum and take this campaign to yet another level! Every donor makes a difference and I would be humbled if you joined the effort or doubled down by donating even just $1. Every time we get a new donor, we send a message loud and clear that “we can make a difference.”

Help Us Get One New Vote

Every day we gain new supporters as people hear our story. You can do your part today! Help find us new supporters by speaking to a friend or neighbor and sharing our story. Every time people hear about our tremendous track record and our independent principled leadership, we get even closer to victory!

Get us one more vote (or more!) and email me about it right afterwards. Even just one vote! Your emails in the coming days will fuel me as we press towards early voting on April 29.

The links below are great ones to help you share the story. Feel free to share them and let us know when you find us a new supporter!

Omar for Richardson


  1. No so sure it won't hurt. Spike heeled boot will put the hurt on you. Just saying...

  2. Solomon must be losing his hearing. Or, maybe the noise from the public outrage was so loud he has put his fingers in his ears and he really didn't hear.

    If Richardson doesn't clean up its act, none but the undesirable will take up residence here.