Thursday, April 18, 2013

Greenwood Hills/JJ Pearce Forum Tonight

Thunder rolled in about 5am this morning along with some much needed rain. It might be thundering in Richardson for a bit longer than just today after what happened yesterday. Will have to wait and see.

Tonight there will be another mayoral forum. It will be at Mohawk Elementary at the corner of Mimosa and Melrose. It will be moderated by the League of Women Voters.

Tonight there will also be a chance to hear what Laura Maczka thinks about the Richardson Coalition Senior mailer that landed in the mailboxes yesterday. Will she support the actions and words by the leaders of the only PAC to support her? Or will she call them out, publicly shame them for their actions, and let people know she expects better of her supporters? With everything on the line, it will be interesting to see what kind of character she shows tonight in response to the actions of the leaders of the Richardson Coalition.


  1. First, it is highly likely she saw what was going out. Highly likely she ignored innate good taste to keep the campaign on the issues of what is best for the City
    Sadly, it is highly unlikely she will reject such personally vile statements made by the group that has once again resorted to character assassination .

    For all her previous statements that she is independent and not under any obligation to the any group, her silence in disavowing the Coalition's mailer will show those words to be false.

  2. To answer your question she will not "call them out".

  3. Since the mayoral contest began, the campaign dealt with Richardson issues discussed in a respectful way by both candidates.

    No more. While Ms. Maczka intimated in her run for Council in 2011 that she was not beholden to the "Richardson Coalition," that organization is her only Pac endorser in her campaign for Mayor. Is it possible that Ms. Maczka did not know the content of the "character asassination" brochure mailed out by the Coalition in her suupport? Possible, but unlikely. Given her past comments of independence from this organzation which has a history of personal attacks against those who oppose them, will she prove her past statements of independence correct and disavow the Coalition mailing? Or will she say nothing?

    The choice she makes will reveal a great deal about the character of Laura Maczka.

  4. At tonight's forum, Laura said "My opponent is endorsed by unions and a special interest group" while she's endorsed by the DMN, 5 council members and 18 past council members, without mentioning the RC.

    Then she said "Do you trust the DMN?" Someone in the audience said, "NO!"

    A committee screened questions. None of my questions were asked. Someone else said the same thing. I saw at least 40 questions had been collected from the audience. Fewer than 15 questions, mostly from the HOAs, were asked.

  5. What will be telling is her campaign finance report at the end as to whether she takes on part of the cost of that mailer from the RC. In the past the RC has forced others to do so in the form of "in kind" contribution. Doubt Amir will participate this year! ha