Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Crazy Strong" is How it was Described

Before I saw the last mailer someone told me it was "Crazy Strong!" I have to agree. It is probably the best mailer I have seen in Richardson politics.

About the only way things could be “stronger” would be for the candidates to start breaking out the 2x4s and start whacking each other over their heads with them. Quite a slugfest!

The key points in the mailer are good and accurate.

1 – “Amir was willing to stand up for what’s right, even though it meant standing alone”.

2 – “An Outsider Takes on Richardson’s Old Guard”.

3 – “The only councilman to stand up for your right to elect Richardson’s mayor”.

4 – “I voted instead to give you the right to decide at the ballot box the leader of your hometown”.

5 – “It didn’t make me very popular among my fellow council members who prefer picking the mayor behind closed doors … but it was the right thing to do to make our great city even better”.

6 - "If you believe we need a mayor who will work for hat's in the best interest of Richardson - and not for the benefit of a few politicians at city hall - then I would be honored to have your vote on May 11".

He hit the nail on the head with each statement. It goes on with more in a letter on page 3.

Way back last year in January, Laura me the motion to kick the can down the road on direct election discussion because she didn’t think they had time to deal with it. That was a huge mistake and an albatross that will hang around her neck. It also showed a lack of leadership on her part. Amir knew what the people wanted and tried to make it happen rather than trying to stand in the way as did Laura and the rest of the council. The old guard didn’t want the voters to have a say in selecting the mayor, and Laura didn’t think changing the charter to allow for it was important enough. The citizens disagreed.


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  2. I used to be very impressed with Mr. Omar. The continual vitriol that he shares has turned me off.

    By charter, Richardson is a Council-Manager form of government. Direct election of the mayor is/was not a "right/wrong" issue. It was presented without the framing of the types of government used, and I imagine, the majority of people do not/did not understand this. On the surface, direct election of the Mayor seems like a brilliant idea!

    I moved to Richardson three years ago and fell in love with this city. Have met a few of the City Council members and have liked them!

    The DC-style politics employed by this guy is something I hoped I'd never see in Richardson.

    Yesterday's flier made my jaw dropped. Completely turned off that he would attempt to taint the Council as he did.

    And contrary to him being a leader who "brings people together", there are race divisions beginning in this city - have never seen this before here. His language to describe the Council is definitely having an impact... Especially, when asked, he has said that he agrees with Laura on almost all the issues. So unfortunate...

  3. Looks like you posted the same thing twice anonymous 9:46.

  4. How many people really move to Richardson recently and already know all about Council/Manager form of government? Did you take a crash course in city politics?

    With reference to DC style politics, one could assume you have not been here long enough to have heard Pete Sessions talk about healthcare and admit he had not read the bill.

    Once again on direct election. It is a Constitutional right! Period. And no charter can be inconsistent with the Texas Constitution and statute. Period. Whether statute is inconsistent is a much larger story to study.

    Whether you like Amir or Laura, it is not as important as who will set policy consistent with the values of the public. Who will be more conservative with public funds and knows the difference? Who will create more transparency in spite of the complexities created? Who will be mindful leadership is a team sport?

    Some want a level playing field and that happens with a little controversy over secrecy.

  5. Taint the Council?? How taint?? The council voted 6 to 1 not to let the people of Richardson an opportunity to vote for their mayor. Secretly picking the mayor behind closed doors should never have been part of the charter to begin with.

    Bicycle race, foot race, car race, truck race, mayor race, council race, horse race, dog race?? Are you really in Richardson?? Nothing in the flier mentioned race. Constitutional rights!

    Amir has brought people together alright. People tired of the marionette show at city hall.

    Donate to Amir for Mayor of Richardson Texas

  6. I don't know what you have been reading or hearing anon 9:53, but this has been a very good political race. Neither side has used any "vitriol".

    Not only on the surface does direct election seem good, even looking into it deeper it is still a great idea.

    As for DC type politics, it is just politics like every other place with election. Nothing DC about it.

    The council deserves the "tainted" view is there is one to be had. They promised charter review and review of direct election during their last campaigns. For all except Omar, it was nothing more than words. Amir stood up when others sat on their behind in their effort for the status quo.

    Anon 9:53, I completely disagree with your points. They are more "vitriol" than anything either candidate for mayor has used.

  7. If it wasn’t for the grassroots efforts or left to the city council, we wouldn’t be discussing the mayoral elections on May 11th, 2013. If more people were paying attention, our city council wouldn’t be running unopposed.

    Cease The Discussion

  8. Speaking of vitriol, here comes the RC voter's guide in the mail today. As usual and expected the RC has once again proven what they continue to accuse others. The most toxic, arrogant and distasteful group of people anyone could ever imagine. And this is what you call leadership.

    Richardson should hang their heads in shame over this small group of public thieves.

  9. We moved here less than 10 years ago. We were very happy with Richardson until we started seeing what is going on at city hall. And yes, it took us way more than 3 years to learn about city politics!

    75% voted for the direct election of mayor, but the majority of voters didn't understand the impact? How do you know? Did you talk to everyone, at least the majority, who voted for the direct election?

    Why do anti-direct election people keep insulting those who voted for it?!

    >have never seen this before here.

    Since you've lived in Richardson for 3 years, you mean "compared to 3 years ago"?

    How did Amir start a race division? I don't see anything in the mailer that mentions race. Have you been to any of Amir's campaign gatherings? While the crowd is definitely more diverse than Laura's circle, his supporters are mostly white folks.

    I've heard that Laura's father going door to door and when the person says "I'm voting for Amir," he says "Do you know he's Muslim?" Who is dividing the community???

    Citizens chose the direct election of mayor. The council members voted against it and are publicly supporting the candidate that was also against it. Who is dividing the community against the citizens' voice???

  10. Here's a good one.

    Rumour Check-ers on the street are claiming Amir wasn't born in the U.S. Sound familiar?

    You'd think there is a (Coalitionist Party) whisper campaign trying to start some kind of ethnic religious war.

    How about this. A couple of men from Chechnya are suspected for bombing the Boston Marathon.

    Is Maczka a Chechen name?

    Consider the stupidity.

  11. If it is Rumour checkers on the street, you have to consider the stupidity.