Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pouring on the Coal

Laura Maczka seems to be pouring on the coal about 30 days before final vote will be cast. She, her dad, and her supporters are pounding the pavement and knocking on doors to get the vote out, and get those voters to vote for her.

As for her using and leaning on the Richardson Coalition, that doesn’t seem to have happened, yet. It is her claim that she has been endorsed by the Richardson Coalition, but that they have not helped her financially (apparently they did send out email on her behalf and made it look like it came from her). There was still a push poll that appears to have been done for her that nobody has taken responsibility for and is still a mystery. Guess we will have to wait for the final filings to find out what was up with that.

Both Amir and Laura probably wanted the Richardson Coalition endorsement. Who this little group of control freaks who call themselves the Richardson Coalition finally did endorse helped to sway my choice as who I want for mayor. It was not the only factor.

Another interesting issue to develop was where the candidates are raising their money. As of the last financial reports, both candidates have raised most of their money in Richardson. Amir has raised much more money in Richardson than Laura. What some people are pointing out as a liability for Amir, his funds that originate outside of Richardson, I happen to view as a positive thing for Amir.  Amir’s out of state contributions have amounted to less that 13% of his total. Laura’s single out of state donation of was $200.

Donations from the area around Richardson are also very important. It shows how much a candidate has support of those in this region and how well that person is recognized. There seems to be some dysfunction when it comes to this area. One the one hand, people are talking about how important regionalism is for Richardson and the surrounding cities, and how important it is we all work together to improve the area overall. Yet when it comes to fundraising, it seems these people want to discount regionalism. As of the last financial report, Amir has raised almost $35,000 from the region. This is more funding than Laura has raised in Richardson, about $34,000. Laura has raised $6,700 is regional funds. This seems to indicate that Amir has much broader support both in the city itself and in the region.

 People like to talk about transparency and how beneficial it is. At the Tea Party Amir was asked if he would show all donors, not just the donors who donated amounts over $50. He said he would, and he did. Laura chose not to disclose all of her donors. Amir was more transparent, even those he knew there would be some that would use it against him (ya, hinting your way B.W.  :0) ). He was principled in his actions.  

Well, it seems the direction of this post has changed from its original single intent of being complimentary to the efforts of Laura Maczka, her dad and her supporters. If Laura wins the election, the residents of Richardson will win also. It is just that I think that if Amir wins the election, the residents of Richardson will have even a bigger win.


  1. I've heard that Laura's father is going door to door and when the person says "I'm voting for Amir," he says "Do you know he is Muslim?"

  2. The Richardson Coalition is at it again. They praise Laura but slam Amir. Got their "Senior Citizen" voter's guide in the mail today. This only shows me, as a citizen of Richardson for over 30 years, the Coalition sucks! They are afraid that Amir is going to win and they will do anything to make sure they will still have control on how our tax dollars are spent. Slamming someone's personal life is very low. You have done it to others in the past and I hope the citizens can see past your trash.

    One other note: Chuck show the citizens a recipt for the two million you paid to have your name on the Performing Arts Center.

  3. It's such an insult to senior citizens that the RC thinks they are so weak-minded that they will fall for whatever low tactics the RC chooses to employ.

  4. Amir's yard signs popped up on our street. One neighbor had Laura's sign earlier so I asked what happened. He said while he was on vacation, someone stuck Laura's sign in his yard without permission!

    I can't tell you how ticked off he is!! Now he's determined to vote for Amir.