Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amir is Whipping Laura, Badly, According to the Financial Reports

The financial reports from January and April should provide lots to talk about and consider.

One of the complaints I seem to remember a time or two being made is that of how much money Amir Omar seems to be getting from outside of Richardson. Well, he is putting the whipping on Laura Maczka in that area of fund raising.

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To the last date filed, April 11, 2013, Amir has raise $34,722, (or 518% of what Laura has raised) from around the state, mostly in neighboring communities. Laura has raised $6,700 in this category.

This really should not be a surprise. Amir has been very actively involved all around the metro area, sometime with charity, sometimes with thing in representing Richardson. The large amounts of donation from around the area probably have a lot to do with Amir being so active around the area. One man Dallas, this, that and the other. I don’t even know how many things he has been recognized for or how many awards he has gotten. But it seems it is enough so that people are gladly donating to him in his race for mayor.

There have also been complaints the he is taking out of state money. Well, ya, he is. Most of that out of state money seems to have come from a Bush associate in Washington. National recognition and attention for one of our councilperson seems to help promote Richardson rather than shame it. Up there he has raise about $12,862. Laura has 1 contribution from out of state and it is probably just a good friend of hers. No problem there as far as I am concerned.

In Amir’s filing in January he did not list donations under $50 for whatever reason. The other night at the Tea Party forum someone asked if he was going to list every donor this time on his financial reports. He said he would, and he did. In the category of under $50 donation he has so far raised about $2900.

Laura on the other hand did not list the under $50 contributions. They are not required. So far she has raised about $6,000 in this category. For this I think Laura takes a hit for not being as transparent as Amir. Good job Amir, you did the right thing (I think so anyway).

This last category may make those grumbling about where Amir’s donations come from set back on their heels a bit (probably not, but we can hope). Amir has raised almost $53,000 from right here in Richardson. That amounts to about 52% of all donations he have received. Laura has raised almost $34,000 in Richardson which is 72% of her total donations.

So, while Amir may be raising lot of money, most of his money comes from right here in Richardson. He also has the more donors from Richardson according to the financial report. We can tell for sure because some of the information is not required.

Probably one of the more interesting items is that the Maczka campaign is just about broke. They have about $2,800 left in the bank as of filing time.

At filing time Amir still had about $24,000 still in the bank.


  1. The broad array of donation sources for Mr. Omar makes the argument his should be mayor. He not only has better support than Ms. Machiavelli in Richardson, but the metroplex as well. Some people go on and on about regionalism and how important it is. Mr.Omar appears to have the edge.

  2. Laughing hard here. Somewhere buried in the pile of minutia, somebody mentioned the sucker mentality of the honey and vinegar approach to solving the pervasive problems at Richardson city hall. Bunk!

    As the saying goes, "you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar". Well, that's true. But, that's not the situation in town. It's more like B.S. also attracts flies. And, lots more when you mix in a little honey.

    I'd say, there's been a whole lot of B.S. mixed with honey that has attracted enough flies to make Richardson what it has become, a steaming heap with a swarm of mindless flies.

    There are some in town who are tired of the smell but the B.S. keeps piling up.

    When a small but powerful gang takes over control and abuses the public resources, kissing their ass doesn't improve the stench of what they do.

    Rebellion has been the only effective way to minimize the bad guys. Although some heroes get hurt in the process, if nobody picks up the shovel to put the manure in the sewer where it belongs, there will be more fat flies full of B.S. buzzing around.

    The plague in Richardson is that the low information voters think the B.S. their "friends" have been feeding them is chocolate pudding. All they want is more. If a majority vote for Laura, they'll get it.