Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Math, Creative Math and the Richardson Coalition

The leaders of the Richardson Coalition probably would not recognize the truth if it jumped up and bit them in their ass. They seem to have for a long time divorced themselves from the truth.

In their typical fashion, they are trying to pull another sneaky on Richardson citizens. They sent out an email this making the claim, based on the latest campaign financial report; Laura Maczka had raised $40,812 from within Richardson in her run for mayor. They also claimed, based on the campaign financial reports that Amir Omar had raised $28,042 from within Richardson. For them to come to that conclusion, they must be using New Math, Creative Math or be just stupid enough to think people lack the ability to add up numbers.

Factually Incorrect Information
from the Richardson Coalition
According to the campaign financial reports Laura actually raise $32,399 from Richardson residents. Amir actually raised $38,072.17 within Richardson according to the campaign financial report.

That Richardson Coalition seems to be a “Real Hero” when it comes to avoiding the Truth and Honesty. This is the only group that has endorsed Laura. I wonder how proud she really is to have their endorsement.

But the way, the leadership of the Richardson Coalition, probably on purpose, omitted several pages of Amir’s campaign finance report. It you want to see the “real” and “complete” finance report, click on one of the following links:

So far Amir has raised a total of just over $100,000 based on the last two financial reports. For the same two periods Laura has raised about $47,000.


  1. Figures they cannot do math either.
    Or maybe they can and think the public is too stupid to figure it out.

    Appears they don't know it is extremely hard to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. Giving government banking abilities offers a different set of rules.

  2. So far the RC's vicious nature was only hearsay for some of us, but now we see that it's true. I got the same e-mail with the distorted campaign finance chart.

    Now that the RC has insulted firefighters, is there anyone left for them to insult??

  3. Can't add and subtract, and they want to be the power brokers in this town? Phunnie!