Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Biased Unbiased Surveys Have Started

From a second-hand, from a reliable second-hand source, it seems the politics of the mayor’s race is intensifying. That is hardly a surprise as both sides are working very hard to become the first mayor elected by the people in about 50 years.

The phone survey starts out saying it is just an unbiased survey and would like to ask a few questions. One of the first questions is how do you feel about the mayor being elected by the people, you like it or don’t like it. One of the next questions was do you plan on voting in this year’s election. After that, they ask who you are voting for.

That is where the survey pretty much ends if you answer you are voting for Amir Omar. That is also where it becomes something other than a survey.

After telling the survey taker they intended to vote for Amir, they start ask them if they had heard about all the things Laura Maczka had done.

So it might have started out with question that would be a part of an unbiased survey but ended up with trying to sell the people on how good Laura would be as mayor.

It might be a little bit of a trick to imply the people who answer the calls that it is an unbiased survey when in fact it will turn into a sales pitch. But overall, as it was relayed to me, it isn’t all that underhanded of a thing to do.  At least I don’t view it that way. It is just typical politics where they are trying hard to win an election.

The person didn’t get a chance to listen to everything the person taking the survey might like to have said, but there was nothing in the survey to that point that indicated the survey was attempting to bad-mouth Amir. Rather, it seems, they were trying to build up Laura Maczka.


  1. I am very new to Richardson politics but is it always this exciting? I received the call last evening and found that the poll taker was very new to poll taking as she referred to Omar as Omeer, so I guess that would make him really to be Omir Ameer. The poll taker asked questions about Bobby T and Stumble Mitchell but beyond that only general questions about the overall council abilities. She was strong in attemptimg to get my feelings about the mayoral race or whether I was a conserative, democrat republican, liberal but nothing about tea party. I think one of the two should come out as the tea party candidate. The poll taker attempted to pull me away from my position of being undecided on the mayoral race and finally decided to gain information on my age, race and given name (JimBob). She then asked if I was speaking from the telephone she had called (Wild Question). She then recited the number, I guess as verification. Oh, I almost forgot that she was not calling for me but for my son, when I told her that he was not present, she asked for a registered voter at the phone number and I told her I was such.
    See how much fun it is to live in Richardson and have a City Council of Clowns.

  2. Politics in Richardson is always exciting and filled with lots of drama.

  3. The one who called me sounded Chinese and the caller ID looked like Chinese too.

    Her English was pretty good, but did mispronounce both max-Ka and Ah-mare. It must be a low budget kind of operation.

    There was no question it was not really a survey and a shameless attempt to trick voters.

    This is a perfect example of the kind of people Laura has gotten in bed with and the deception they practice.

    Creepy, dishonest people are in office here.

  4. I received the call. I didn't get the sales pitch. Sounded like a fairly standard test the waters kind of poll. They have long happy descriptions of each and asked me to compare. I may have answered lead up questions the wrong way and avoided the sales pitch.