Thursday, March 7, 2013

UTD Has A New Sign

The other day I notice one of the signs at UTD concerning the 2010 Bond (after someone else brought it to my attention). The sign seemed to indicate that taxpayers were paying for the soccer field parking lot in addition to the ring roads on UTD property. The parking lots were not in the bond.

New and Improved UTD Sign

I sent a message to one of the council members with a question about it. She got back to me the next day with a clarification saying the information on he sign was not correct and that we would not being paying for that parking lot. She also sent a shiny new picture of the new sign today. I think I will keep the name of which council member it was to myself. :0)

The sign has been changed and the reference to the parking lot being a part of the 2010 bond has been removed.


  1. Richardson City Council made a secret deal with a special interest, REALLY?

    Why am I not surprised?

    Richardson is the poster child for public corruption. UTD may as well offer credit courses and have the city's public servants do the teaching.

    It's a little late to get it in this semester's course catalog. Oh wait, they do this in secret too. My bad.

  2. David

    Staff must be reading your blog every few minutes to make a change that quickly.

    The really do not want to look stupid making a deal with a non tax paying entity in the city who has access to funding else where.

    Worse than that it was put on the ballot without full disclosure so people outside of the drama pools have no idea what the marketed material actually means.

    But, they get the road and we get the debt. What a deal.

  3. Anonymous 3:28. There are lots of hits from the city's IP. Today, 10 hits with about 44 minutes of time on site and looking back, 6002 hits for about 148 hours of time on site since the start of this blog.

    Even at that, I doubt they do anything in response to what they read here. I think what did get the response was communications with Amir and Laura. Both said if that sign were true and Richardosn taxpayers were paying for that soccer field parking it would be an improper use of bond money.

    One or both of them asking city management to explain the situation is what I think got the sign changed.

  4. Changing the sign doesn't change what they did. It just restates the same train robbery story with an alternate ending.

  5. Lake Highlands Soccer Association pays for the parking lot according to UTD.