Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snippy, Sniping or Just Ticked?

It seems like Mike Maczka isn’t pleased about something. His comment on Amir Omar’s facebook page illustrates that.

“Why are you not in Austin with the rest of the city council?” Mike Maczka asks Amir Omar.

Aside from the question being misleading about the entire council being in Austin, a better question, one I would ask, why is almost the entire city council in Austin? After all, we do pay Freddie Hill 100’s of thousands of dollars to lobby for the Richardson city government (not the citizens of Richardson).

Another good question is how much will all this hob-knobbing cost the taxpayers for their Austin trip?

In my view, with both Steve Mitchell and Amir Omar not making a useless trip to Austin helps Richardson, rather than hurting Richardson.

For the council members who did go, I would contend that they show less care and were more interested in freebies for themselves, especially Mark Solomon.

I wonder how severe the tongue lashing will be over this, at home, behind closed doors, when Laura takes notice of this. Get the med kit ready and put the bedding on the sofa for a day or two!


  1. Communications is all important in politics. Without communication how do the legislators know the needs, wishes, and priorities of their constituents? Lobbyists can be very useful in providing this communication link but it is also important for the constituents to include themselves in this process. Relationships are also very important in politics. Facetime between constituent and representative establishes and cements relationships and makes other communications via email, phone call, or through lobbyist more effective.

    The Council members who were able to get away to Austin are filling an important role and helping to make our City's legislative agenda more forceful. Good for them. The benefit to our city is worth the expense.


  2. Now that was just a dumb thing for him to say.

  3. Obviously, Scott Dunn was also in town...

  4. First we have the image of soccer mom for mayor. Next she has an endorsement list that looks like half of it might die before the election. Then she rolls out an endorsement by a complete kook. Then we have sign stealing war. Now we have the husband of the alleged future mayor having a "tizzy" with the opposing candidate. I voted for her last time but she isn't doing herself favors. By the way I wonder if Mr Mike is in Austin enjoying free food and hotel room on the taxpayers dime? If he isn't there what the heck is he doing sniping at one candidate and not bothering the other council member who happened to endorse his wife?

    Btw, he said the council was in Austin. Dunn (aka dunce, dumb) isn't a council member. He is a warm body that occupies a chair, pretends to be a council member, hopes people understand his command of jr high level English and he stayed at a holiday inn last night.

  5. If the meeting had been proper and legal, maybe he would have. But, because it ain't, he, unlike this guy's mother and buddies, stuck with defending the law.

    Laura ran off with five male council members to rub elbows for a day in Austin without inviting the young guy or posting a public meeting notice. That sounds a bit tawdry to me.

    Yes, it sounds like little billy bubba outed his mommy by intimating his awareness that Richardson public business was on the secret agenda for this Austin soiree.

    This is how the Richardson residents get sucked into these back door public servant deals. They defiantly abuse the authority of the office when the public is cut out of the conversation. Mini-me Obama czars, they are.

    Public input by the people of Richardson is denied and their vote is disenfranchised by these Coalitionist representatives who routinely make secret handshake deals. This is a screaming example.

    But, nothing will happen because it's the wild west when it comes to municipal government in Texas. Whoever has the badge makes the rules.

    Wise up Richardson! We can do better than this. And, if we don't, our only hope for living among those with higher moral character is to move to a town ran by lesser scoundrels.

  6. I just wonder if it can get worse.

    First she has soccer mom image. Nothing wrong with soccer moms or dads, but that is not the image of a leader.

    Then she has an endorsement list where half will die before the election.

    Then she publishes an endorsement by a crackpot.

    Then we hear about citizens being jumped on because they have an Amir sign in their yard.

    Then there is the mass sign theft.

    Now this... her husband has to snipe at the opponent for not being in Austin while one of her endorsers isn't there and the most clueless councilman this side of the red river isn't either. Did he snipe at her endorser on Facebook? How childish! Not exactly the image of a strong leader that she needs.

  7. You are getting to see real people who run for office at their emotional best. Some of them act like 12 year old kids. Stealing signs, lying about people and then having others spread the rumor, making personal attacks, and the list goes on.

    Really? These are who you want to be in public office? Are these the type of people who run the Coalition you want to look up to?

    Craziness abounds like a dog in heat every other year at this time!