Friday, March 29, 2013

Richardson Coalition Throws Most of the City Council Under the Bus

According to the latest from the Richardson Coalition, there are only a handful of people who have made Richardson great, Mayor Bob Townsend, Mayor Pro Tem Laura Maczka, city managers Dan Johnson and Bill Keffler. As for the rest of the council, I guess they don’t matter and have no effect on making Richardson, good or bad.

Looks like a swipe at Amir and the other council members who just happen to be collateral damage. It just seems typical of the RC behavior.

In an odd twist, you might remember the Richardson Coalition was very much against direct election of the mayor before they were for it. After the public voted to change the charter by a 3 to 1 margin, the Richardson Coalition found themselves on the wrong side of public opinion. Here is a link to their argument about direct election that seems to have disappeared from their website:

One of the questions at the recent forum was what organizations are supporting you. Amir stated he is supported by the police and firefighters associations. Laura said she did not have any organizations supporting her, and then back-tracked and admitted the Richardson Coalition was supporting her.

He in the next day or two the Realtors will be announcing who they will be endorsing for mayor. If they decide as expected, they will be endorsing Amir. That means Amir will have endorsement for Amir, and Laura will have one endorsement, the Richardson Coalition. The will be a 3-1 endorsement ratio just like the ratio of voters who wanted direct election of the mayor and those who opposed it.

 The Richardson Coalition is in a bad spot and getting a worse reputation as time goes on. They probably realize this as well which helps explain their desperate antics. Things will be getting worse before they get better. Look for more sleaze coming from the Richardson Coalition. They appear to be more desperate than even.
Here is the text of the Richardson Coaltion email sent out this morning:
The last two years have proven to be very positive for the City of Richardson.  Under the leadership of Mayor Bob Townsend, Mayor Pro Tem Laura Maczka, and City Manager Dan Johnson and former City Manager Bill Keffler, we would like to recognize the City's leadership team for a job very well done.  Below are some of the major acknowledgements the Richardson Coalition would like to highlight for you.
Earned top-10 digital city government recognition from e.Republic's Center for Digital Government and the Digital Communities Program
Received a 2012 Working for Clean Air Award from the North Texas Commission for outstanding efforts to improve local air quality
Earned recognition as a Gold-Certified Scenic City, making Richardson one of only nine Texas cities to earn this certification last year
Maintained AAA bond rating (the highest level) by two major credit rating agencies and received a clean opinion from KPMG during an independent audit of the City's financial records
Redesigned and re-launched their website, earning several prominent awards from state and national communications groups
Made changes in City management, including the retirement of long-time City Manager Bill Keffler and the naming of Dan Johnson as his replacement; promotion of David Morgan to Deputy City Manager; and naming of Don Magner and Shanna Sims-Bradish as Assistant City Managers
Over the next weeks, the Richardson Coalition will highlight other significant accomplishments of the City of Richardson, in the areas of business growth, community initiatives, education successes, and planning initiatives. These accomplishments and others give us reason to be proud of our city!


  1. What is digital government and how did the City get an award?

    How did they clean our air and get an award for it?

    I heard the Gold Certified Scenic City was part of that Agenda 21?

    Don't know what clean opinion means but this is what came up on Google.

  2. The magnanimous award of awards award. B.S. certificates of merit is one of the means used to play make believe with the world around them. The net effect of marketing hype and noise is a good belly laugh. When you look at who makes up the panel of judges, you'll find public resources being used for another fancy meal for local familiar faces and the certificates were bought and paid for by the recipients.

  3. Late Breaking News!
    MetroTex Realtors endorse Omar for Mayor of Richardson.

    It is a fair bet that realtors recognize a young, vibrant mayor will be better for attracting young buyers that will re-vitalize the Richardson economy.

    A reversal of the senior retirement community push of past administrations would do a lot to pull out of the nose dive that has young people moving to other, more exciting towns.

    There is much benefit to having intelligent, energetic younger leaders and their ability to bring new life to old, stale communities.