Friday, February 22, 2013

"Political Rivals Agree" is the News Laura

In an email sent out today it seems both Kathy Justice-Nelson and Bob Macy have written endorsement letters for Laura to be mayor. About the only odd thing about it is that as far as I know, Kathy and Bob are not political rivals. It is just a little bit more of trying to stir up some drama for the campaign, which is understandable.
Here is a cut and paste of the email sent out today:

Big News! Longtime political rivals agree...Laura Maczka for Mayor of Richardson!
Kathy Justice-Nelson and Bob Macy have not always seen eye to eye when it comes to Richardson politics. Both are long time leaders in our community. Both have deep knowledge of the issues. And they have often disagreed... until now.
Yes. Both support Laura for Mayor.

Kathy Justice-Nelson Says:
"I endorse Laura Maczka for the 'first citizens elected' Mayor of Richardson of 2013!
I ran for City Council , in 2005, against the then Mayor Gary Slagel. At that time, no woman from District 4 had ever run for District 4. Now that the Richardson City mayor can openly be elected by the very citizens the mayor will serve, it is time to change gears and elect Laura Maczka, our present Mayor Pro-Tem, as the new Mayor of the City of Richardson, Texas.
Laura has served the City of Richardson on many boards and in many capacities, always putting the citizens of Richardson first and foremost in her decision making. She is an excellent leader, a devoted wife and mother, and an outstanding citizen of Richardson for the past 30 plus years. There is no job too small nor too large for Laura to tackle, to make our lives better in Richardson.
Please join the citizens of the City of Richardson, Texas, in electing Laura Maczka, as our newly 'citizens elected' Mayor of Richardson, 2013!"
Kathy Justice-Nelson
Cottonwood Creek
Richardson, Texas
Bob Macy says:
"Laura Maczka is a longtime resident of Richardson. She attended our schools and has been very active in our community. She was instrumental in raising a significant amount of money for the Discovery Point Park. She has proven while serving on the present city council as Mayor Pro-tem that she is savvy, a quick learner, and is a true representative of all our citizens. Laura is a good steward of our city's assets by keeping an austere eye on our city budget.
She balances her time wisely between her family, her responsibility as a leader of a nonprofit organization, and her community volunteering. It is only natural for her to have a balanced approach in our city's endeavors.
As Mayor, Laura Maczka will be an excellent spokesperson: Therefore it is my privilege to endorse Laura Maczka for Mayor of our great city of Richardson."
Bob Macy
Former Richardson councilman
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  1. She wants the title of Mayor without the willingness to acquire the knowledge of the charter, public finance and leadership. If you have to get a city manager to write your letters, or call a manager before you answer a question for citizen, or never speaks out on some unusual costs at budget time, or has a pet project that will put the city in $20mm more in debt, then maybe what she wants is NOT to be a representative. On the job training is no longer acceptable. For more than 30 years these people have had one big party on the taxpayer nickel.

    I never thought I would admit this, but Amir has stepped up to the plate and actually does something. And he works to make progress in the city.

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  3. As an undecided, I find it a curious endorsement to highlight. Who cares what Kathy Justice-Nelson says? She is a crackpot de jour.

    Bob Macy is well respected. (The fact that you hate the coalition doesn't change that.) It seems like she watered down a good endorsement by attaching it to a crackpot.

    No doubt Amir has lots of crackpots endorsing him. Just look at the responses in this blog. He is smart enough not to highlight them.


  4. I don't know who Kathy is . I'm a newcomer (have to wait for another 20 years to be fully admitted to citizenhood in Richardson!) I've never had a personal conversation with Laura, either. She seems like a decent person.

    However, the fact that she has to rely on endorsements from the old guard suggests she wants things to remain as they are. For newcomers, it's pretty shocking that many council members of Richardson sat on the council for 20+ years. I think it's unusual, and it's also strange that many people here don't find that to be odd.

  5. Have you noticed since the direct election campaign the Coalitionists are showing more and more of their crackpot colors. Wow!

  6. I like Laura but that email was possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen in the local political arena. The first rule when your opponent is self destructing is to simply get out of the way. I am quite positive Amir is laughing his arse off over that one. Good grief. Who around her thought that was a good idea?

  7. Anon 7:53, agreed. Her most recent email illustrates why she should not be mayor, yet. She is too inexperienced and does not always use good judgment at times. One day, after she has more experience, she might make for a good mayor. But the time is not right for her now.

  8. Self-indulgence is the hallmark of Richardson public service. The people have to wise-up and realize what is really going on at city hall. It's the biggest group of stingy liars sucking off the public teat this side of the Sabine. Wise up people, or be prepared to suffer the consequences while watching public servants rob the treasury and stuff their faces.

  9. I heard some history about Ivan the Terrible and couldn't help but relate it to Eisemann. The way things are going with the Coalitionist Party, we might find "Eisemann the Terrible" to be a suitable namesake for historical purposes. One can only wonder if the empire will collapse when he's gone.

  10. OMG! Someone throw her a life preserver! That endorsement letter shows she is in over her head and is drowning. Very bad choice!

  11. How could she be over her head when she does exactly as she is told to do? Just like the rest of the bobble heads.