Monday, February 18, 2013

Amir Shatters Fund Raising Records With Number of Donars

As previously noted, Amir Omar has done very well with the number of donors and has done even better with he amount of donations.

Today he sent out an email where he wants to shatter his own record, again. With three months remaining in the election, over 120 people have donated to his campaign fund.

Yesterday was also his official campaign office opening. There were by my estimates about 150 people there. There were only about 3 people there that I knew which tells me he has broad support. It looked to me like a very good representation of the people of Richardson. There were some old folks there, younger folks and ethnically, it looked about like the ethnic make up of Richardson. (It is probably not politically correct to mention ethnic make up, but what the heck.) From what I see, Omar has more than an equal chance of winning this election.

Here is a copy of his email:

A Record Shattered and a Goal Set

This campaign to become Richardson's first directly elected mayor in more than fifty years has focused from the start on grassroots support. Whether from the retired teacher, a 38-year resident of Richardson, who wrote a check for $50, or the UT Dallas student who contributed a dollar online, we have seen unprecedented support! Today, we are excited to announce that with almost 3 months remaining, we've already set a Richardson record for donor participation at 120 individual donors.

This breadth of support sends a clear message that our campaign isn't about big donors or power brokers, but instead about our residents who want to own their portion of this historic election. That's why today we are announcing a goal to double our donors over the next 7 days. A $1 donation puts a poster up at a local business, $2 helps place a yard sign in a neighbor's yard, and $5 helps us get our story out to 10 more residents by mail. Every dollar matters and will make a visible impact in this effort. Equally important, each donor sends a message that they are ready to have their voice heard and to make a difference.

Help us attain our goal while owning a part of this historic campaign

Help Us Spread the Word with a Sign!

You may have noticed our campaign signs have started popping up. There is no greater compliment than showing your support while helping us spread the word by putting one of our signs in your yard or in front of your business (or both)!

Help us spread the word through a yard sign!

Omar for Richardson


  1. Amir should win the election for all the right reasons. Aside from the nit-picky BS about his religion, the man has what it takes to lead Richardson to a better place in history. The alternative will be another chapter in the same, tired story about corporate greed and mediocrity among residents.

    The only concern I have is that the remnants of the Keffler/Slagel regime, along with the coercion of the Coalitionist Party will endeavor to undermine his ability to right the ship. They did a dandy job of thwarting Mitchell's lame attempts. But, I think Amir is smarter and will call upon his supporters to spank those errant thinkers into shape.

    God's speed, Amir Omar.

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