Friday, February 22, 2013

A Very Ambitious Goal – Double His Record Breaking Fund Raising

It seems Amir Omar is not as concerned about raising the most funds, but having the most donors. After the first financial report he seems to have broken the previous record for the number of donors for any previous council race.
Not satisfied with that, he wants to double his records breaking again. He wanted to double the number of donors over a week period and with three days to go he is almost there.
Here is a cut and paste of today's email:

I want to thank you for your help as a volunteer in our campaign! I am honestly humbled by your support and effort on our behalf.
Today we can use your help on two things. Both help us continue to build momentum in this campaign to become Richardson's 1st directly elected Mayor!
First, if you have not yet contributed to our campaign, we have 3 days left in our drive to double the record. Literally a $1 donation will help us send a strong message! If you would be willing to help in this way, it takes 2-3 minutes online at:
Second, we would love to add even more yard signs out in the neighborhoods this weekend. Let us know if we can deliver a sign to you today. If you are able to help us find another home or two that would be even more amazing!
With 81 days left in this election, your help with these 2 tasks gives us a nice push as we close out February!
Thanks for your help!

Omar for Richardson

Omar for Richardson · 2089 N Collins Blvd, #210, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

You can also keep up with Omar for Richardson on
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