Friday, February 1, 2013

First Responders Totally Back Amir Omar

Things are Looking Up for Amir with Endorsement of Richardson’s First Responders

Not only did Amir Omar get an endorsement of the Richardson Fraternal Order of Police, he now has the endorsement of the Richardson Firefighters Association.

Amir Omar and Laura Maczka went head-to-head for almost 2 hours in a Richardson Firefighters interview. There were also about 30 first responders in the audience who weighed in on the final decision.  Here is a link to the press release announcing the endorsement: AmirOmarfirefightersrelease.pdf

As for this morning’s email making the announcement, here is the text of it:

Richardson Firefighters Association Pick Amir Omar for Mayor!
After an almost 2 hour side by side panel interview of the known candidates for Richardson Mayor, a decision was made for the future of our City. A panel of resident firefighters asked questions and the audience included approximately 30 first responders who weighed in on the final decision.
“During his two terms served on the Richardson City Council, Amir Omar has displayed the utmost leadership and professionalism needed to serve the role of Mayor,” said the Richardson Firefighter Association. “His education, business technology experience, and ability to get the most contribution from the council will serve him well as he leads our city forward.  With his dedication to public safety, Mr. Omar has the ability to develop solutions that help protect the families of our community.”
This is an honor to have earned the endorsement from the firefighters who work so hard to protect our citizens. Making sure our families are safe and secure is an important role of the Mayor, and I look forward to working with both firefighters and police offices to make Richardson the safest community possible.
Help us Spread the Word!
Whether you are willing to share our story with your friends, want to host a tea to help your neighbors get to know me, or simply want a yard sign to show your support, we could use your help!
I am inspired by the unprecedented number of volunteers we already have on our team. With your help we can prove that grassroots driven campaigns supporting principled and passionate leadership work!
Omar for Richardson
Omar for Richardson · 2089 N Collins Blvd, #210, Richardson, TX 75080, United States
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  1. Laura will not be on the council the next term. She will lose this election. Amir has more donors and more money and that trend will conmtinue. More organizations are endorsing Amir.

    If Laura wants to stay on the council, she needs to change her plans and just be a council member. I hope she reconsiders the run for mayor.

  2. There is a subtle message here when the Firefighters think new leadership is warranted. Frankly, I would rather they be happy and committed if a fire broke out.

    Laura isn't about to let go of the Coalitionists support led by Eisemann. She would have to work for support.

    It could be interesting so see how the Coalitionists handle Amir as Mayor.

  3. There is a subtle message here when the Firefighters think new leadership is warranted. Frankly, I would rather they be happy and committed if a fire broke out.

    Laura isn't about to let go of the Coalitionists support led by Eisemann. She would have to work.

    It could be interesting so see how the Coalitionists handle Amir as Mayor.

  4. Omar has the support of the public safety UNIONS because he has sold out the Chiefs and City Manager. He has agreed to take the pay issues of the entry level responders directly to the Council agenda...circumventing "management". Slippery, slippery sloap we are on if Omar is mayor.

  5. Omar's position with the firefighters as well as the police and realtors is purely political.

    He has been schmoozing with them for two years or more solely to get their endorsements. It is not because he is either in love with their positions or thinks they are best for the long term health of the city.

    That's going to be our problem with Amir. He will pick policy ideas based on vote getting ability and not because they are in the best interest of residents.

    The firefighters union specifically has a stated goal of collective bargaining.

    (Laura has her own issues schmoozing with really old people with really old ideas.)

    He took to pandering about the rental inspection and public safety pay knowing that he was in the minority on both issues and that representatives of their PAC constituencies were watching. That's the thing about legislative politics of you are in the minority. You can pander for votes carefully without having to worry about consequences of policy.

  6. Sour Grapes,o

    UNIONS!? OMG, not in Richardson!! O, you mean he has the support of nearly 300 firefighters and police officers, I gotcha! Had me scared for a minute!

    Collective bargaining!?!? Wait what?? How would a Mayor make that happen? O, that's right, he can't!! It takes a signed petition and has to be voted on by the citizens.....wait...that sounds alot like way!

    Pay raises?! Whoa!? Are you telling me Amir actually told city staff they should fix something that wasn't working right and the city was waisting tax $$ by losing firefighters and police officers to other cities?!! O YEA, council is the boss of the City Mgr, who is the boss of the Chief, I know it often doesn't appear to be the case, but it's true. I agree, it's much easier to go along with whatever staff says is right, rather than stand up for what's right, especially when you're standing alone. It's what the "guard" expects of you.

    Every candidate wants the endorsement of the police officers and firefighters organizations, from COR to D.C.

    Want some cheese???

  7. Look around folks! Look who is taking over the city of Richardson. Asian Massage Parlors, Houka Bars, every kind of foreign restaurant, and who is running for Mayor? Are you going to turn our city over to the Muslins? I am disapointed in the Fire Fighters Association in backing this guy. I thought they had better sense. But, you have to remember, only a hand full of FF's live in Richardson. We need someone that has no ties to any group in the city. Someone that can say no and get rid of all the idiots on the present council.

  8. Nice try Amir. Laura maczka already has the full support of the current mayor AND the two previous mayors. Amir believes flash and sound bites win elections...most of Richardson sees through that!

  9. People of Pleasantville,

    You can't have it both ways! You can't want somebody with "no ties to Richardson" running for Mayor and then say, we can't elect him, he doesn't even know anything about Richardson, he didn't even grow up here!! Truth is, no ties to Richardson equals someone who probably wouldn't care about running for office, nor would he/she have a chance at getting elected.

    Things are-uh changing "folks." Black Presidents, Muslim Mayors, happy endings, flavored tobacco, and senseless firefighters! WTFTWCT? ←←← BTW if you can't decipher that, you're stuck in the 70's-1999 era. Smile, it's funny, and it's true! :)

    Pleasantville is changing!