Friday, February 1, 2013

Richardson Makes News with Institute for Justice (as unjust)

“Does the Constitution apply to Renters?”  asks the Institute for Justice. It seems they do not think the city officials of Richardson think so.

Amir Omar and Kendall Hartley were the only two city council members to vote against this ordinance. Laura Maczka and the rest of the city council voted for the ordinance. With the upcoming Realtors Association interviews coming up for them to decide who to endorse for our next mayor, I wonder If Laura will change her tune on this ordinance as the realtors really didn't like the ordinance.

Here is part of the article on the Institute for Justice Website and their calling out the city of Richardson, TX.

“A program in search of a problem”

Cities that have passed rental registration and inspection ordinances usually claim they’re necessary to crack down on code violations and punish slumlords. But violating the Fourth Amendment is an excessive response.

Take Red Wing. From December 2005 to May 2009, Red Wing held 800 inspections. Inspectors found only seven serious code violations that were where tenants actually lived. Not a single property was ordered vacated. In the words of one architecture building code expert, rental inspections are “a program in search of a problem.”

Rental inspections are even less justified in Richardson, Tex. The town’s city council passed a rental inspection ordinance in November 2011 that requires an inspection to be done within 30 days of a new tenant moving in. According to the Dallas Morning News, “In 2012, the city inspected 644 properties, and only one failed.” In other words, that’s a pass rate of 99.8%. Clearly, rental inspections are completely unnecessary in Richardson.

Like in Red Wing, Richardson landlords and tenants are joining together to reform or repeal the rental ordinance. In the words of one renter, “The heavy-handedness of a local government having this kind of power and response is unconscionable.”


  1. Been watching your postings for some time. you and many of your followers are missing the whole point.

    Dont know Mazcka or Omar at all. You obviously support Omar. You're not bothered that the majority of his support and money comes from outside of Richardson? Why is that? Why would DC or NY be interested in a local election?

    Can think of better uses of $25k (What he has already raised and spent)than mailers and a Christmas Card celebrating a holiday his religion does not.

    What does he do for a living? Who pays child support to his two ex-wives much less bills to live on? I dont think its because hes independently wealthy.

    Hard questions that need answers and I have many many more.

  2. Anonymous @1:06pm…
    If those questions are important to you, then you should ask them. You are correct; I am more supportive of Amir for reasons I have previously stated. Laura would make a fine mayor too, an in my opinion, Amir would make a better mayor.

    I got the financial reports and posted them a week or two ago. I didn’t see all that much coming in from NY and none coming in from DC. But I did decide to put some numbers together on the donation percentages and donor percentages for list donations over $50.

    Donation dollar amount
    Richardson donation to Amir - $14,450 (54.71%)
    NY - $5100 (19.31%)
    Dallas - $3,800 (14.39%)
    Plano - $1,560 (5.91%)
    Ft Worth - $1,000 (3.79%)
    Addison - $500 (1.89%)

    That covers the money. But how about the donors numbers and percentages?
    Richardson – 22 (61.11%)
    Dallas – 7 (19.44%)
    Plano – 3 (8.33%)
    NY – 2 (5.56%)
    Addison – 1 (2.78%)
    Ft Worth – 1 (2.78%)

    Most of the money Amir has taken has in from Richardson. Most of the donors are from Richardson. Then numbers don’t even reflect the donation under $50.

    If you have “hard” questions you need answered, it is not Amir’s fault. He is readily available to answers. Give him a call and ask your questions. Let me know if he refuses to answer your questions.

  3. Some people hate Eiseman and his coalition so much that they can't see the big picture. I don't like the way the coalitionists have ruined this city, and yes, I think ruined is not too big a claim, but I do think many of those who live outside of Richardson support Omar in a financial respect. It would be hard to prove, and that is what he is counting on.

  4. 54% of Omar money comes from Richardson? That is also going to be the percentage he wins election by. The RC ain't what it was at one time. Thank goodness!

  5. The Coalitionists have ruined Richardson. True.

  6. The rental registration is unjust. It is just another way for government to control the populace. As for the realtors not liking it , that may be true. However, unlike Garland and Plano, the Metrotex Board ( real estate board with has an office here in Richardson) representative, Marilyn Frederick, spoke out against it at a work session only. She did not engage the other area realtors. So, basically, there is no help there. I heard that 40 Collin County realtors went to the city of Plano, and they backed off.

  7. In Plano, "The Mayor and the City Council members were very receptive to our concerns"

    Even in Richardson, when the program was conceived in 2003, some council members, along with some HOAs and citizens, opposed the program. Mayor Townsend, then a council member, strongly objected to it. At least one other council member predicted that the program ultimately would lead the city to a lawsuit.

  8. Anon 1:06

    What's with the Muslim bashing? I thought this was the land of the free. Last I checked, previous candidates and office holders in your City of Richardson set the standard long ago for taking outside special interest campaign contributions.

    You casting the first stone there pious fool?

  9. Yes, Bobby Townsend recognized the Coalitionist Party support for the Rental Registration Ordinance. He also has had a love affair with public employees and their ability to do their legislative magic. You might say he sold his soul on this issue, much the same as he has on countless others. The man has no backbone and his morals are shady.