Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Surprise (???) Endorsement for Laura for Mayor


There is nothing like trying to build up some drama over the elections by calling Steve Mitchell’s endorsement a surprise. The two of them have probably been very good friends for many years, so for me, the endorsement doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I would probably be more concerned if Steve did not endorse her.

Steve would have been my first choice for mayor during this election had he decided to run. How much Steve’s endorsement matters to others I can’t say for sure. But it probably does matter to some.  Steve was really disliked by some of the coalition folks for unseating Gary Slagel. While the Richardson Coalition “officially” is not supporting anyone yet, they have been making their email contacts available for Laura’s campaign. They have yet to send out any of Amir’s campaign literature to their mailing list. So I think a contemptuous smirk directed the coalition’s way is much deserved for their dishonesty to their membership and the public.

The Richardson Coalition will probably be pretty well split over this election, many of them supporting Amir, and many of them supporting Laura. They seem to have pumped up both Laura and Amir as people we really need on council and some of the best choices for Richardson. They are in a pickle because they have lost control of Amir. Amir has a mind of his own, has left the reservation and is no longer under their control. Good for Richardson.

So here is the text of Laura’s latest campaign email:

As official filing for office begins, our campaign to become Richardson's first elected mayor in recent years is gathering great momentum! Thanks to all who have reached out to support us through financial contributions and endorsements.

As mayor pro tem, I have the privilege of serving with some outstanding leaders. I am honored to share with you the support of one my peers and someone who truly understands what it takes to successfully do the job I am seeking, former mayor Steve Mitchell.


The Honorable Steve Mitchell endorses Laura Maczka for Mayor!


"Laura Maczka is the clear choice for our next mayor. As a Richardson resident for over 30 years, Laura's achievements as a mayor pro tem, community volunteer, business leader, wife, and mom have uniquely prepared her for this role. Her history in our community and region has provided her with the necessary insights to foster her vision for redevelopment, revitalization, business growth, and quality of life. She is the right person to lead our city to future successes. My wife, Karen, and I urge you to vote for Laura Maczka as our next mayor."

Steve Mitchell

Richardson City Councilman and former mayor


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Thank you so much for your friendship and support. This is an exciting time in our community. As always, it's your vote that will make the difference.





  1. Mitchell sure changed his tune. There was a time when he wouldn't vote for anybody but himself. Maybe he still is. After all, he could be elevated into the Pro-Tem spot if the right person gets elected. He and Omar always had a tenuous relationship. Out of one side of his mouth he'd be cussing the Muslims. Then, he'd secretly negotiate with Omar on how to vote on a given issue. Endorsing Maczka somehow fits his wishy-washy personality. No surprise here.

  2. Mr. Mitchell can make a decision. Nice to see it is possible.

  3. My guess, Steve will be the next mayor pro-tem. Hartly may be a decent person but he hardly ever speaks. Solomon you can make shutup and he always says the most abrasive things, close to an idiot. Dunn can't put complete and coherent thoughts together. Townsend will not be running. With either Omar or Maczka leaving after the election, the only reasonable choice for mayor pro-tem would be Mitchell. He probably knows that too. After what the coalition has done to him, it is almost unimaginable that he will back the one that the coalition supports. He is playing his cards in the smartest way possible given the choices.
    With that said, Omar will most likely be the next mayor. He is playing for real. Maczka is outmatched and lost, in over her head.

  4. Steve wants back in the good graces of Eisemann and has high hopes for the ProTem title. That is the only way he can get back to traveling to statewide events on the City nickel.

  5. Or maybe it's as simple as having been the mayor, Steve knows what the job is and has the guts (unlike other council members) to be "on record". And I agree, he has the most experience to be the next mayor.

  6. Mitchell is a player, plain and simple. His every move is calculated and he is adept at playing people and their interests against each other. He is a walking, talking board game.

    His policy decisions are no different. He says what it takes to placate citizen concerns and behaves exactly opposite when it comes to taking official action.

    The gambit of endorsing Laura fits. Pandering to the Coalitionist Party and bigots in town has paid off in the past.

    One must beware of such traits and mindful of the harm putting a two-faced person in public office can cause. Integrity matters.

  7. Appears the Coalition team is set. Townsend is officially running again.
    Only real race is the Mayor unless the woodwork reveals a surprise. It would restore hope if one or two shows up. If not moving maybe in order. Any investors want a house?