Friday, January 25, 2013

Laura's New and Improved Website

Laura Maczka has her new and improved website up. Gotta say, it is a much better site this time around. The home page rotates a few pictures of her and her family.

In a sign of the times she has a “Follow me on Twitter” and “Like me on Facebook” link. I think I will pass, not because I don’t like her, but because I can’t ever remember setting up a twitter account and probably wouldn’t know how to use it and I just don’t spend much time on Facebook. But, I am sure there are those who like and use both in this new age. So far, she had 0 tweets and one like at this early stage. Those numbers will no doubt go up as time goes by.

There is not much on the news page and it seems she brought in two items from her old page. On that page there are three items: 1 – Laura’s running for mayor! Check out who’s endorsing her…     2- Laura’s Maczka’s campaign takes off. Check out her list of supporters!   3 – Welcome to my new website!

Well, there really isn’t much news there yet. I am sure there will be more as time goes on.

The next section of her website is “Meet” her. She seems to be an admirable person from what is there. There is probably a lot of admiration for those who know her and even more from those that know her best. As for actually being a tough financial conservative, I haven’t seen that yet. She does mention she is on the audit committee where “she works hard to maintain Richardson’s AAA bond rating. Apparently some of that work is kind of secret. I haven’t heard much about the audit meetings. Even more secretive would be that a person can’t get the audit report to view things for themselves. She may need to work on that aspect become more transparent especially since she is present on the committee.

Her Issues page is still pretty thin. There is a little bit about good government, Our Local Economy and Safe and Clean Neighborhoods. Under the Good Government heading there is mention of “fully transparent”.  I would guess she doesn’t mean that literally, and just means transparent to a point. That is a problem with city staff and most all of the council members, not just Laura.

For the most part, unless you live along Spring Valley, in most parts of Richardson the vast majority of the people probably feel safe. Spring Valley has been a problem for decades and it seems to be getting better primarily because of the HOA/NA leaders in that area pushing the council to do things to improve the area. For decades the councils by and large allowed it to go downhill. The council has made some missteps recently with the Rental Home Inspection program. Amir was on the right side of that issues, along with Kendall Hartley, but all other council members, including Laura, were on the wrong side when they adapted the ordinance.

The last three sections of the website are “Take Action ” “Ask” and “Donate”. I especially like the “Ask” section. People are elected to represent the people. Far too often they forget that once they are elected. Take a look at the council meeting videos and pay attention to Mark Solomon. I can’t count how many times he seems to have been deaf and blind when it comes to representing the people. He wasn’t in favor of direct elections because he hadn’t heard from people as to that being an issue. The recent 3-1 election on direct election shows just how out of touch he was with the people, or that he just doesn’t listen to the voters.

So there you have it, Laura new and improved website. Not perfect but better. She has seemed to be pretty inactive about the campaign for the past two months. Looks can be deceiving those.


  1. >People like Laura because she’s really one of us. She grew up here. Graduated from JJ Pearce, in 1983...

    This isn't a high school election where the person in the popular clique gets the prize. Being "one of us" doesn't suggest a forward-looking, inclusive leadership.

    So people in Richardson don't want anyone who isn't "one of us" (like Amir)?

    Does Richardson welcome only those who have been living in the city for 30+ years?

    I live on a street where most people have been living here for 30+ years. However, it's changing. More new people are coming in from other areas and states, bringing different values and belief systems with them. I know some old-timers don't like it and one neighbor moved away (to a different part of Richardson).

    It's just like the council (or the Coalition)--the old boy network that is proud of having been living in the city for decades and doesn't want changes, wanting the city the way it has been for the last 30-40 years. (No wonder the city is so "gray.")

    Old-timers, embrace the change because it's not going away! Texas is the fastest growing state (excluding ND), attracting people from all over the country.

    If new people aren't welcome, how is the city going to grow? --the "growth" so much wanted by city managers. Good luck reproducing among "us," old-timers!

  2. This "leave it to beaver" city has to recognize that it can no longer live by the motto, "if it's all white it's all right!" That's the same mentality as not wanting to embrace the internet, email, or socia media. Either adapt to the changing society and new age of thinkers or get left behind. Look at the leadership within the city, the lack of diversity in leadership is something from the 1980's. It's a joke!!! Just like the way the city use to choose it's mayor while surrounding cities laughed at the GOB network of operations.

  3. It look like the Richardson Coalition is doing the emails for Laura again. Or they have given her their email list. A vote for Laura is a vote for the coalition. I hope the voters realize that.

  4. >Laura’s been here the entire time, working in the business world, and she’s experienced just how volatile things can be.

    When was she in the business world???
    When did a non-profit become a business?

  5. >Laura’s been here the entire time, working in the business world,

    When was she in the business world??
    When did a non-profit become a business???

  6. Out of towners have taken over. Keffler from Midland, Slagel from Chicago, Murphy from Ohio, Townsend from mars, Sproull from Kansas City and that wierdo former city council guy whose girlfriend moved in and started wearing his dead wife's clothes. Who knows what gene pool Eisemann or Rohm evolved from. So what's new? None of these guys have been around longer than the gravy train they're riding.

    Then there's this clown...
    As wonks go, William J. McCalpin takes the cake. The pathetic thing appears to be his tin foil ball cap is picking up signals from some Coalitionist Party broadcast station on a planet far away that is causing his mouth to make official statements about law and order in the State of Texas that may as well have come from the twilight zone. This poor, deranged fellow says just about anything to get attention as a self-venerated make-believe legal scholar. Equivalent to a jail-house lawyer, anybody can have an opinion, but only licensed professionals are permitted to give legal opinions in Texas. If you ever want to hear one of wild Willy's bloviations of propriety, say something contrary to any one of his inane pontifications found on his rumor rompin' web site. Or, hide and watch for when he takes the stage during the visitor's section. Sit back and enjoy the show. It's a long-winded one!

  7. I find it very interesting that an individual thinks that working for a non-profit doesn't require business experience. As someone who has worked for non-profit for over 7 years I find that offensive.

    Working for non-profit requires incredible fiscal responsibility. Because just like running a city, it requires making hard choices and looking at what's best for the individuals being served. Finding a way to "stretch" limited funding, working to provide excellent service while at the same time making certain that you are adhering to the mission of the organization.

    Laura does have strong business experience - working for a non-profit is not a cake walk, and any one who believes it's not a job, try working for one sometime! Not just as a one-time volunteer but someone with skin in the game!

  8. Working for a non-profit does require leadership and other skills required also by a business, but it's not "business experience" per se. A business is for-profit.

    Definition of "Business" (from Merriam Webster)

    3. a : a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood : trade, line
    b : a commercial or sometimes an industrial enterprise; also : such enterprises
    c : dealings or transactions especially of an economic nature : patronage

  9. Working for a non-profit does require leadership and other skills required also by a business, but it's not "business experience" per se. A business is for-profit.

    Definition of "Business" (from Merriam Webster)
    3. a : a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood : trade, line
    b : a commercial or sometimes an industrial enterprise; also : such enterprises

    I'm not discounting Laura's experience or saying for-profit business experience is more valuable. Being offended means you value for-profit business experience more than non-profit experience. You should be proud of your non-profit experience.

    I'm saying the description "working in the business world" is not accurate. She should rewrite it for her own sake, emphasizing her significant non-profit experience and achievements.

  10. If you have to pull out the dictionary to pedantically argue your point, then you have practically lost already.

    If I use your dictionary as a guide, almost anyone with a job has had "business experience" in the "business world." That includes a guy who works at McDonald's saying "would you like fries with that?"

    I am frankly bothered that she spends so much effort discussing business activity. The 100000 residents do not live in office towers. Most do not work in Richardson. I don't. One failing of city hall is that it spends too much effort hunting businesses instead of working on making Richardson a place where future residents want to live. Quality of life is almost an after thought in her sales pitch as if the pitch was written by the chamber of commerce. Oh sure we want "quality of life" but first let's announce what business we just paid to move a mile down the road from another city. Maybe that is what high paid consultants told her she needs to say to convince really old white men to vote for her.

    I'm afraid Mr Omar doesn't fare better. Many of his positions are political. Tax freeze? Hamming it up for public safety salaries? Nope. Nothing self serving or political there. What position can one take that gets the most votes or endorsements without caring if it is good for everyone in the long run?

  11. You want the same ole, same ole Richardson politics or a fresh new perspective with the energy, charisma, and leadership to move this city forward?!?!

    Don't kid yourself, we all know who the "Wizard" supports, and if you're fine with that, then go with it. There's a party that's currently kicking itself and trying to figure out why their same approach they've used for decades no longer works in our current society, just watch various news channels.....sound familiar. Like it or not, Richardson politics will never be the same.

  12. The Chamber of Commerce is a not profit as well. I guess their leadership doesnt have business experience either. Went to the website of Laura's non profit. 10s of thousands of students across the country start small businesses each year. That non profit is not about charity but rather jobs and self owned business - entrepreneurship.

  13. She may very well be the director of a non-profit that helps kids be entrepreneurial, but for her first term given the ProTem position, she has stayed on the internal instructed course. Many of us had hoped for more backbone.

    Audit chair has produced very little strength for working "in the best interest of the municipal taxpayer". We still suffer from long standing financial weaknesses.