Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Amir's Campaign Has 1 Gear - That's High Gear

This morning got an email from the Amir Omar campaign. He seems to have just one gear, and that is high.

The highlights of his email were that the financial reports for city council show that so far he has about a 4-1 advantage over Laura Maczka is the number of campaign contributors. It is also close to the time for the campaign signs to start appearing. While Omar has been getting some pretty big donations from some people, he is not above asking for donations of as little as a dollar.

Maczka's campaign seems to have been relatively silent over the past few weeks. Maybe she has a reason for that, but for her to relax and not be actively campaigning might be to her detriment with her hope for being the next mayor.

Anyway, just in case you didn't get Omar's email, here is a cut and paste of it:




Wow! As the end of year campaign finance reports came in and we compare ourselves to our competition, only one word comes to mind—inspired!

The reports show an almost 4 to 1 advantage in the number of donations made to our campaign. The blessing of such overwhelming support is something I hold dear and want to build upon. At this pace we will shatter every record when it comes to numbers of donors to our effort, and we will need it as we run this grassroots campaign to become Richardson’s first popularly-elected Mayor in more than 50 years.

You can join us and help prove that grassroots campaigns that promote principled and independent leaders are exactly what’s needed! Every donor makes a difference and I would be humbled if you joined the effort by donating even just $1. Every time we get a new donor, we send a message loud and clear that “we the people can make a difference in this campaign.”

What’s Your Sign?

Sign season is underway as we start placing our support posters in local businesses. If you are a business owner or know of one who would be interested, we would love to find more new homes for these signs that will help us spread the word.

 It’s also not too early to request your yard signs! Although they can’t be placed in yards until later in February, please let us know if you want one. We want to be sure to order enough for our supporters throughout the City!

Whether you want to put up a sign or help this historic campaign in other ways, please let us know today!

Omar for Richardson

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  1. When I received the "donate $1" mailing, I decided to look into it. Recognizing recent Presidential campaigns that had successfully used this technique to reach the common people majority brought with it suspicion about political affiliation. I'm no genius, but my concerns were raised when I found the following quote in the description of the company hired to process the on-line donations:

    "Democracy Engine is a bellwether for politics. The need is there, the organizations are there, the people are there. This is the kind of fundraising innovation the Left has been waiting for."

    - Lara Bergthold, Chair of the Board of Directors, People For the American Way

  2. Anonymous at 8:41 AM

    You received a political mailer asking for campaign donations, which could be as low as a dollar. Pretty straightforward.

    According to your comment, however, simply getting the fundraiser prompted you "to look into it."

    What were your "concerns"? Were they negative concerns about the candidate, their actions as an elected official, or their campaign message? No, they appear to be about the firm hired to handle the donations brought in by the mailer.

    So don't send the candidate any money, or don't vote for that candidate. But doing neither because you don't like the company hired to be a fullfiller is really reaching for a reason.

  3. If you vote for omar, you will get what you deserve.

  4. Does getting what I "deserve" include a Mayor with leadership skills and abilities to think outside the box, and one who does not have strings attached to his back, and one who is in touch with modern society and technology!?!?! If so, I'm in!!! :)

  5. What a small mind that would criticize a candidate because of the political affiliations of a private service used by that candidate?

    Are we going demand to know the political affiliations of the candidate's printers, and hair stylists?

    It is sad really.

  6. "No strings" ? You have to be kidding. Just not the ones you are used to seeing.