Monday, November 12, 2012

Pancake - Flip, Flop and a Big Splat

Reality seems to have hit Scott Dunn squarely between his eyes and has made him change what he is saying. Back on July 30, at the council meeting where the topic of direct election of the mayor was up for discussion, Dunn didn't like the idea because he felt it would turn Richardson into one of those other cities and also felt it could lead to strife between the council and the mayor.

Now that 75% of the voters said they want to elect their own mayor, he has flip-flopped from his previous opinion. In the Sunday DMN article he was quoted as having said "Direct election of the mayor is like baseball and apple pie; it’s the American thing to do, elect your officials."

Back at the end of January Dunn voted against further discussion on the direct election of the mayor and voted against a charter review to look at that issue as well as others.

At that same January meeting Mark Solomon also said he has heard no call from the public for direct election of the mayor. It is understandable. He is getting a little old and his hearing is not so good, probably. But I would bet the farm he heard the voters in the Nov. 6th election say in a landslide that they did want to elect their own mayor. It seems there are lots of thing Solomon and the rest of the council seem to be a little deaf on when it comes to concerns of the residents.

It appears there is nothing quite so good at resetting a elected officials opinion as getting a get thumping from the voters, 75% of the voters at that.

Moving on, the 2013 election will probably be one of the most exciting elections Richardson has ever had as a result of the charter change. You can bet that already there are a lot of behind the scenes actions taking place. My speculation about the Richardson Coalition actions go something like this:

Laura Maczka wants to run for mayor. The article said that so far she is the only one to said she plans to run for mayor. Place for Four (thanks JM) will then become an empty seat. The Richardson Coalition will probably want to move Kendal Hartley to that seat. With that seat open, they can try and convince Amir Omar to run for the open seat Hartley held.

Omar will probably tell the Richardson Coalition to stuff it. That means Omar will probably take a run for mayor. Omar has, in my view, done more for Richardson than all other councilmen combined. He has flat out worked them all. He has done more to earn the position of mayor than anyone else. If it is Macska and Omar on the ticket for the mayor's spot, Omar will probably win and Maczka will go home with no seat.

What would make things more interesting would be to have more of the current council members run for mayor at the same time. It is not likely to happen but it sure would make things lively.

Then, maybe, some unknown may file and run for mayor. Things would get pretty exciting if that happens.

From the DMN:
Richardson Officials Weigh Whether to Seek Mayor


  1. Read Councilman Dunns comments more carefully. They are entirely constant.


  2. “entirely constant” as in constantly incessant?

    or did you intend to say "entirely consistent" ?

  3. Consistent or constant. Both should convey the meaning intended. The two statements by Councilman Dunn are not contradictory.

    The grammar judges might convict me. That would not be a surprise. But, I'd have company in my cell with our blog master ("place for" rather than "place four").


  4. Dunn's comments through the process has been entirely negative to the direct election petition. That is a far cry from apple pie, baseball and the American thing to do.

    In July, he has made a comparison to IT and the will of the voters via this petition, which many did not understand. He also stated we had balanced budgets and that is also untrue. Maybe his definition of "balanced" and mine are different. The CAFR shows you that inconsistencies of balanced. He also said he hates a situation that pits the Mayor against the Council like other cities. All I can say is welcome to politics. Not all cities have a Mayor pitted against the Council. A healthy debate helps everyone understand the direction, so why would there be in-fighting?

    This citizen effort to get the attention of the council has brought to light how truly disconnected the Council is with the citizens they represent. It is easy to listen to a small group and think you understand the pulse of the whole city. Yet, the direct election initiative brought out an unbiased and pure choice of voters without the drama that is an every day event in local politics. Well, let's say Mr McCalpin tried to bring on a drama of possibly, impossible scenarios to keep the drama going.

    I hope more will pay attention in Richardson. Learn the topics. Learn the financials. Learn the ordinances. It is important to know what works and what doesn't. I hear all the time how much time spent on the development of ordinances, but there is always a group coming forward with a variance for one reason or another. It makes you wonder if the time is really spent well?

    On the news just last night I heard David Axelrod talking on the fiscal cliff. He said, "If we come to the table with the right attitude, we can get this problem solved". Appears there is a big demand for "my way or the highway".

    Richardson leadership has that same approach to change, so you have to wonder why new ideas are not welcome at city hall?


  5. How in the world has Scott Dunn's comments been "consistent", JM? On several occasions, he stated publically - on tape; just watch them - that he was flat out AGAINST the direct election of the mayor AND a charter review. Either JM is Jim Mallet, who must have have missed these council meetings OR Lisa Dunn, who is, again, defending her not-so-bright husband.

    If you read Dunn's comments in the DMN, then you will see that the only "consistency" which exists is that his statements are as "inarticulate" as ones he makes at council meetings. Incomplete sentences, comments that don't make sense; even the DMN reporter had to add parenteses to his comments to better explain what she thought he meant.

    Dunn needs get some speaking skills before the next election, as the buzzards are already circling over place 3. This guy is a real embarrassment to this city - and I even supported him during the last election; not this next time.

  6. Anonymous 3:53 - I don't think JM is Jim Mallet. I think JM might be John Murphy but haven't asked him whether it is or not. So that is just a guess on my part.

  7. Oh boy! Dunnce is showing his true colors. Without a shred of integrity, this guy will say anything to further his shameless attempt to keep the Coalitionist Party in a positive light. If you look closely, you can see the shape of a capital "L" tattooed on his forehead. He tows the Coalitionist Party line like a fool with a striped sucker and propeller beanie. There's no mistaking the moral character here. The problem is that at more than 25% of the electorate in the country club precincts, like lemmings, blindly vote straight ticket Coalitionist Party. If they continue to drink the Kool-aide, Richardson will never get away from totalitarian rule.

  8. Yup, constantly conspicuously inconsistent.

  9. Many have initials "JM". However, speculation that statements regarding Mr. Dunn's position on the direct election of Richardson's mayor or any change to his position were made by Jim Mallett is inaccurate. I asked him if blog statements signed "JM" we're made by him; he said no.

  10. David, you should know me well enough by now to realize I always sign my name to anything I write including comments on blogs and websites. And remember, if you have questions, pick up the phone and call me.

  11. Ya, I know, I could have called you and put an end to speculation. But where is the fun in that? 0:)Have a good night John.

  12. Figured it out! JM is Jim Morrison talking to us all from the great beyond.

  13. Dear Jelly Medula (JM),
    I have observed your comments here and have come to the conclusion that you are just another hack like Willy the Wonk. Sell your lunacy down the street. There are no buyers here. However, your sales pitch is amusing.

  14. Anon 11/14 8:31 PM
    The fact that you just bring insult to the discussion rather than logic is telling. Maybe you don't have anything to add to a grown up debate? Maybe I have a jelly brain but at least I, the blog master, and some others here are using ours even when we disagree.

  15. Master jelly brain!