Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Whispers is confirmed to have correctly predict the outcome of the Direct Election vote.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if a 58% to 42% result is a landslide, just what do you call a 74% to 26% vote? Maybe a thorough and complete thumping? Or is there something more colorful that it can be called?

Update 10:25 - With 31 of 32 Dallas County precincts reporting, 74.24% (17,257) are in favor of direct election of the mayor and 25.76% (5,987) are against direction election of the mayor.

So it might be time to say hi ya to our future mayor, Amir Omar. He is the only one on the council to fight for direct election and upholding the text of the Texas Constitution. He is also the only one to show any sign of leadership on this issue. Just think of the irony of that. I can just imagine how ticked off (I.E. - pissed) Eisemann and his crew in the Richardson Coalition must be tonight. The rest of the city council must be feeling pretty silly now that the vote is in and they find them on the wrong side of the public will.

Another ironic thing to consider: The petition would not have been started and this item would not have been put to a public vote if they had followed through with their stated desires to consider a charter review. The city council made this situation happen with their inaction. So really, we can thank the city council members for forcing this issue to this point.


  1. A more colorful description is that Willy and company, the RC and Chuck Eisemann got their fracking asses kicked. The end time for those control freaks is neigh at hand. Not a minute too soon.
    So much for Laura being the next mayor, the next mayor will be Amir Omar.

  2. Well, maybe ole' wrinkle puss will finally keep his word and not run again. There ain't no way he'll get elected as Mayor again. We started chipping away at the old guard long ago. It is a stinking shame they were so bent on holding on to power and abusing the public resources that they failed to embrace the people of the community. Now we have a real mess on our hands. What will Richardson be in another 5 years?

  3. Hey Lisa Dunn, guess who is smiling? About 75% of Richardson voters.

  4. 3:1 ratio. A true ass-kicking. Big game changer for Richardson. Good bye rc and good riddance!

  5. Cat must have gotten ol' McCalpin's tongue. He is finally quiet!

  6. It will not last, McCalpin being quiet. Life isn't that good. His silence probably has more to do with the shock and awe of the voters repudiating him and the RC. The silence may also be due to him still crying.

  7. The people have spoken!!!!
    Now what has to happen is the citizens of our great city elect a Mayor and Council that has no ties to the RC. It is time our city stands up and tells the RC to sit down and shut up. You got your a**es whipped and you have no more control over what goes on. We don't need any of the present council either. They all report to Chuck Eisemann and the RC. We don't need Omar or Mazka as Mayor nor do we need Bob Townsend to run again. What we need are several young people who are straight business people, male or female, that know how to run a busines which our city is. I hope that some will stand up and run for their city.