Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coming Home to Roost

After years of what many see as not quite so noble actions on the part of the Richardson Coalition, there will probably be some roosting going on. Their latest actions will probably raise a few eyes brows. It seems they have made a serious error with their public image after having so boldly come out against Richardson voters having the opportunity to have a say about who their mayor should be.

Over the past few months they have tried to smear the person behind the petition for direct election. They have flat out lied to the people of Richardson.  Through this last election they have also shown that they are losing their clout with the citizens of Richardson. Their emails may have swayed a few hundred votes at most judging by the precinct reports. Is it any wonder the anti-direction election of the mayor bunch, including the Richardson Coalition bemoaned the fact that during this election for the charter change the voter turnout would be larger than during most municipal election. The anti-direct election folks showed they preferred to have as few people vote as possible.

This is probably the beginning of the end for the Richardson Coalition, and it is very welcome by many people.

In this past week’s Sunday Laura Maczka put her toe in the water to check the temperature of the electorate with a tentative announcement she was considering running for the mayor’s position. Today Amir Omar boldly announced his intention, in no uncertain terms that he will run for the mayor’s seat. There was quite a contrast between the two and their announcements.

Maczka seems to have had the backing of the Richardson Coalition and their supporters. My guess is that she would rather stay on the council rather than risk losing the mayor’s race and just becoming an ordinary citizen again. Omar seems to be will to play for all of the marbles, win or lose.

The Richardson Coalition folks are going to be in a tough spot during the 2013 elections: Supporting someone who will probably not win the election for mayor or making nice with Omar and supporting him.

Things are changing in Richardson. Lot of toes have been stepped on. Lots of games have been played. It will probably get much more interesting before the town turns sleepy again. In the means time, it seems the chickens will be coming home to roast, and maybe even do some pooping of the Richardson Coalition and their little band of control freaks.


  1. they are pretenders. pretend they are helpng the city but they are really trying to control and manipulate. will be glad if you are right and they will be disappearing from local politics. it is my view they also started the strife in richardson. when people are pushed they most generally push back. that is what has promoted the division within the city. no rc would make for a better richardson imho.

  2. Why paint the Coalition negatively? Aren't you trying to influence local government too? Why is a policy contest, a division in political philosophy a bad thing? Isn't that a right of both sides to try to effect their position? Make your case, build your influence and see who prevails.

  3. Jelly Medula,
    We see how that works. Even when common sense dictates doing the right thing, somehow city hall ends up doing something completely contrary. If there were any good reason presented for their one-sided actions, perhaps the Coalitionist Party wouldn't have such a bad name.

  4. Mark S's comments confirm to me he has no idea how good government works. He's completely content to enjoy the handouts for carrying the Coalitionist Party line, while paying no mind to the distinction between right and wrong. His leftist views are a reflection of the shameful attitude our public servants have toward those they are sworn to serve. Poor, pitiful Richardson.