Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amir Omar Rattles Some Trees

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For First Time Richardson Voters Will Directly Elect Their Mayor in 2013
Omar: “I’ll Be A Hands-On Leader With A Passion For Richardson”

RICHARDSON, TX, NOVEMBER 14, 2012 – With the support of community and business leaders from across Richardson, Councilman Amir Omar today announced his campaign for Mayor. With voters last week overwhelmingly approving a change to the city’s charter, next May, Richardson residents will have their first opportunity in history to directly elect their Mayor. The Mayor is currently elected by the City Council among one of its own members.


“This is a great change for our future because we deserve a Mayor who works directly for our families and small businesses,” said Amir Omar. “Just as I have done on the City Council, as your Mayor I will be a hands-on leader with a passion for Richardson. That means waking up each day with the goal of making our community the best place possible to live, work and raise a family.”


The Omar campaign is quickly gaining momentum with many key leaders already announcing their endorsement. His support list includes the Richardson Fraternal Order of Police, former Richardson Councilman Ernest Randall, former RISD Trustee David Tyson, former Dallas County GOP Chairman Bob Driegert and Courtenay Tanner, a well-known Richardson community leader.

“Since he was first elected to the City Council, Amir Omar has focused on reducing crime on our streets and in our neighborhoods,” said Greg Astfalk, President of the Richardson Fraternal Order of Police. “It’s his tireless work ethic and commitment to protecting our families and businesses that has earned Amir the endorsement of the Richardson Fraternal Order of Police. We can’t think of a more qualified leader to serve as Richardson Mayor.”

With his approach as a successful businessman, Omar has worked tirelessly for a city government that is lean and efficient with policies that better protect taxpayers. He supports an annual top-to-bottom review of all city departments to cut waste, and he believes that in this down economy it’s time for a property tax break for Richardson homeowners.

While serving at City Hall, Omar’s service has gone beyond the traditional duties of a Councilman. His leadership and volunteerism extends to the RISD Excellence in Education Foundation, Methodist Richardson Medical Center Foundation, YMCA, Boy Scouts and the Tree The Town initiative that he started in 2010. He was recently honored as the “One Man Dallas” for his efforts to improve his community.

In 2011, Omar’s service as a Councilman was praised by the Richardson Coalition who called him a “staunch fiscal conservative” saying his “efforts helped lead to over $4 million in savings for the taxpayers in just his first term.”

Amir Omar is an active leader in Richardson and is the proud father of Javid, Alaina, and Anson. He is a 1996 graduate of Texas A&M University where he proudly served in the Corps of Cadets. For more information, please visit


  1. Laura will probably not run for mayor now. 1) She wants to be on council more than not
    2)Amir will smoke her in an election
    3)She is not a leader
    4)Even the RC will lose going against Omar

  2. We need someone other than Omar. Just what has he done to curb spending, try to balance the budget and fight against spending just to be spending.

    Remember the trees that wearn't going to cost us anything? I do believe that was just for a year and we now have to pay for maintainance.

    He is a smooth talker and that is all!!!! A good Mayor he will not make. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!!!!!!!! I hope you don't either.

  3. I agree that we need someone other than omar. He is in this to run for higher office, using the mayoralship as a stepping stone. Sure would be nice to know who is financially responsible for him. There is no way he can work full time and spend the amount of time he does showing up everywhere and fawning over everyone. ( Let alone pay for all the meals he eats out.)


  4. Heaven forbid anyone serve in a role, Mayor, and do a great job to build their resume for future opportunities that may arise! Really? So you aren't allowed to serve and seek higher office, so to speak? If you do seek a larger political office, the first thing people ask is what your experience level is! The COR should be your pinnacle of public service and then retire into Canyon Creek in all your glory. You shall end your public service here, in Richardson!!??

    Amir is a progressive leader and the "Old Hats" hate that his work ethic, while holding down a family and full time career, outshine anyone who has ever served in Richardson! He would make a great mayor!

  5. Amir Omar wouldn't be a good mayor? Let's see...he has done more for the city than anyone else who will run. He has helped more people. He has more energy. He has more enthusiasm. He has more potential. He is an advocate for positive change in the system. He has done more volunteer work. He has implemented more programs. He is a leader...not a follower like many councilman. He challenges his peers to make Richardson better. And the real kicker...he has done all this in less time than the others...imagine what he will do as mayor! To be bigger. To not be a 'me too' city...but a trendsetter. Who cares who financially backs him (if anyone). He works full time but has flexibility as all councilman do. He just doesn't take the flexibility for granted and utilizes the time for what his employer granted it to him for...public service! Gee...what a concept! If someone did 'back him' financially then it should be a requirement for all candidates to run so they can actually serve the city. Oh...and the stepping stone comment...would you hire a manager for a department in your company who has the potential to make a huge difference in the entire company and then prevent them from leaving their department to do bigger things? wouldn't. Be happy to have him here while we do. There are 3 towns that can claim their mayor became President of the you think their citizens are selfish enough to say the president used them as a stepping stone? I doubt it...they probably supported him and were proud. Maybe it's not a stepping stone but I for one hope it is as he can make a greater impact on a state level. As the current Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee told me personally..."Amir really lit that city [Richardson] up!"

  6. I don't like Amir's attitude toward open meetings and public information. At first I thought it was merely a reaction to realizing just how corrupt the system has become. Then, he started defending the secrecy on current public issues.

    Is there any good reason the public should be kept in the dark about any of its business?

    Are our public servants truly using their access to public resources for the sole purpose of public benefit?

    With all the secrecy and backdoor dealings, it is difficult to conclude their actions are noble.

    The only way to sanitize this pool of muck is to expose it to the sunshine.

    Mind me, I do not think Mrs. Laura would even have a clue. She is just a cheerleader for her neighborhood. But, she's not the only alternative.

    It appears that the primary concern of public servants in this town is something other than that of its residents.

    Richardson deserves better. Well, maybe.

  7. anon 1:10,

    What did you expect Pete to say? He is a former resident of Canyon Creek too.

    Where has the Chamber of Commerce operatives been lately? Are they hiding out licking their wounds. Or, on an all-expense paid vacation in some far-away country pretending to promote Richardson?

    Watch out for <a href=">ZTE</a>. We were warned of their Chinese government connections before they were handed the key to the city.

    TI is laying off their chip production employees. Either times suck or they found a better deal elsewhere. Gotta love the power of those abatements, grants and economic incentives to stimulate the economy!

  8. So let me get this straight... The RNC chairman backs Omar. This is the group that denies math and actually thought they were going to win when anyone with a college statistics class would have seen their loss three weeks out. Then they respond by blaming voters, retreating to blaming "takers", blaming Christians,and everyone but themselves. They thought they could win on the grumpy white man vote. So this alleged anonymous gop endorsement is something to be proud of? The grumpy old white man that can't deal with change is exactly what you guys are fighting. Aka coalition.

    Omar is energetic. Yes. He also does not play well with others. He micromanages. He only likes his ideas. Ask people who have seen him on committees. Its his ideas or the highway. He will never admit his ideas aren't the best. Tell him that his ideas are insufficient and watch what happens. He will rationalize his bad ideas until he dies. He doesn't lead. He dictates. Watch him on the council. He is always pretending knowledge of things he doesn't know about. He is arrogant. He loves apartments and will vote for more. He doesn't think he needs commissions, boards or staff. Go look at his voting record on development issues and I cannot imagine the typical reader here would be pleased.

  9. 1:10am.....You must have voted for OBAMA if you like Omar. They are two peas in a pod. Only out for themselves and not the people.

  10. Anon 7:09 pm, in my view Amir Omar actions thus far are the antithesis of Democratic Party and President Obama, in my view. You would be hard pressed to find someone more active in their attempts to initiate new idea for the benefit of the citizens of Richardson. I would challenge you to name any one of the current council-persons who have done more.

  11. 2 Timothy 4:3
    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

  12. Omar is probably a decent guy, but I really don't to elect a Mayor that has only been in the City for 5-6 years. It should take a little longer than that to understand the City and its issues.