Thursday, April 7, 2011

Them Are....Not Us Says Dunn. Well DUH

Question: Mr. Dunn. Last week at Owens forum you said “These questions are unfair to us” (giggles can be heard in the audience). Just who is us? (Laughter heard in the audience, and the candidates can be seen attempting to stifle their own laughter).

Mr. Dunn’s answer: “I, ahm, have read several of the blogs out there, and, when I say us, it is the opposite of THEM. They own the bar.(lots of laughter in the crowd) I guess this is going to be , uh, you know, the blonde, on, on, uh, on American Beauty or whatever. But, the RCA, to me, has their slate of candidates. They want to run the city, and get rid of all the good things the city had done. They were against the bond. They’re against de, da, ah, amount of compensated establishment whatever against the council that was there. So THEY are the against folks of I am, that’s, that’s us and them. So them are the RCA.”

After his answer about “who are us”, which wasn’t only not clearly answered, but wasn't answered at all, there was silence. Why the silence after the giggles and laughter? My guess, people were probably dumb struck and left wondering what it was Mr. Dunn was actually attempting to say.



  1. Something bugs me about this answer. What makes Mr. Dunn think the RCA is against everything that's good about Richardson? It is my experience that the RCA is about everything that's good about Richardson. And, if the RCA is "Them", who would be "Us"? Sounds like to me the Coalition Party is up to its old tricks about running down anybody who does not agree with their bad behavior. They must throw better receptions with their ill-gotten gains. I am concerned that good people are following those who would pillage the treasury for their own benefit.

  2. We are in serious trouble if this is the best and brightest Richardson has to offer. Can we writein the dogcatcher?


    Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation for his daughter's attractive friend.

    And this has what to do with the election? Talk about off-the-wall.

  4. Dunn's answer is a self-indictment from so many angles. Besides showing himself to be very politically unwise by alienating at least 45% of the city, the answer affords us his clear admission to being one of the coalitionistas. And who else has been more masterful at pushing half-truth candy than the coalition? He was simply recruited by the RC to go out and fight the 'evil' axis of any of us who may want to know exactly where the money may be going.

    Poor thing. I suspect he is only carrying the water. A real shame. Place three needs an effective rep but this year seems to be a throw away. I suppose there are several who could easily take him down in 2013. At the very least he better find a way to build a relationship with Mitchell - who also lives in 3, and I hear was coaxed by Scott's very masters to also run in 3. Hmmm. I guess there really is no honor among thugs.

  5. Oh, great, we have Nathan Morgan weighing in on Richardson politics again. Didn't the Richardson Coalition run him out of R-town? If you want your candidate to loose, then get his endorsement or even talk to him. Of course, unless you are Amir Omar.

    Let's talk about Amir Omar. Yeah, Amir did an real number on poor Nathan. Spent hours with him. Buttered Nathan up. Told him what a great guy he was. Turned him against Dennis Stewart. Got Nathan to think, "Wow, Amir really likes me". Next thing you know, Nathan stopped writing "hard hitting" stories about Amir and the city. Mission accomplished.

    Ask Nathan how much he talks to Amir Omar today? Of course, if you could even find him to ask him. Hmmm. Silence. Zero. Zip. Sure, it was just a coincidence how, AFTER he got elected, Amir Omar stopped taking Nathan's calls, just as many predicted. Nathan got discarded like toilet paper.

    Well-intending bloggers like Destiny should take note. Your "hard hitting" writing protects you. Don't end up like Nathan. The moment you trust a snake like Amir Omar will be the exact moment you will get bit. And, hard. Just ask Nathan.

  6. Let's think back to the last election and the ones before that ...

    Each time, the cry is "We'll be ready next time to have a great slate of candidates! People are already lining up to run against (fill in the blank)!"

    And yet ... here we are with Mr Dunn running unopposed.

    I've said it before: Two or more years prior to the election: Find and recruit solid citizens, get them to Council and Board meetings to learn about the City, commit to financial support and get 'em elected.

    It doesn't take that many votes to win a Council seat in Richardson. But turning talk into action is required.

    Those who controlled the Council this term know that.

  7. What is so amazing about Scott Dunn is that he embodies the quote "he doesn't even know what he doesn't know". Pompous and arrogant by nature, yet politically and civically clueless, he won't listen to his handlers (Eisemann, Slagel, Omar) who are saying, "just sit down and shut up".

    I agree, Scott Dunn will be a one-termer. Dunn has already ruined his relationship with district 3 strongman - and resident - Mitchell by revealing that he is an Richardson Coalition "disciple". Stupid move by Dunn in regard to the popular Mitchell, who has now run unopposed in place 6 the last two elections. Mitchell has a legion of supporters and volunteers, and a sizeable campaign war chest to take on any challengers.

    Dunn probably thinks he is going to be the voice of district 3. Not likely. Many folks have now heard Scott's "voice" aren't impressed, to say the least. The only "voice" he is going to have is at his house - and that's where he needs to stay.

  8. First of all Dickwad (that's how I'm gonna adress you since I don't know your name and because I'm getting all the Anon@...'s confused) do you even know Nathan or are you just pushing your propaganda on us? Because I have PERSONALLY been STANDING RIGHT THERE when Amir has talked to Nathan after a council meeting, to the dismay of his fellow elected officials.

    Furthermore, I'm a big girl. No one uses me. But thanks for your concern.

  9. @Destiny, c'mon, Nathan Morgan hasn't been to a city council meeting in nearly 2 years, from what I have heard. Perhaps, your buddy, Amir Omar, was still stringing him along - sorry, I mean talking to Nathan Morgan - at that time. So, yes, you might have been standing there, but it was ages ago.

    Yes, Destiny, you are a big girl, but you are also very naive and immature in your dealings with Amir Omar, based on your writings. He seems to be old enough to be your father (or much older uncle). Don't you think it's a bit strange that a single guy his age with grown kids would be "haggin'" with a much younger married mom? Now, I am not saying that you aren't just a fantastic, fun person, but, I am just saying, to me, it just sounds like he is using you. For your sake, I hope that I am totally wrong. Dic*wad

  10. Using me for what? To influence the 15 people who read my dumb blog?

    If anything I've benefitted more from being his friend than he has from being mine. Over the passed two years I've been able to really get involved in Richardson through volunteer opportunities that this 'older uncle' of mine has invited me to participate in. I've been able to make great memories with my kids (one of whom is the same age as his young son) while planting trees and giving back to our community. I've met a lot of great people (all SUPER EVIL, I'm sure *insert eye roll*), and most importantly I've been able to see how IT works. All of IT. From both sides. I no longer believe there is a good side and a bad side. I see the good people and the bad people on both sides now. My greatest asset will be the fact that I am constantly underestimated by you all. I'm irreverent on my blog, but it's a schtick, dude. Have we ever met in real life, DW?

    I'm raising three kids, so I can't be all that naive and immature. I write a monthly column for a local magazine. I'm also about to start leading a GriefShare group at my church because after losing my 18-year-old brother in a car accident 6-years ago I have struggled with crippling grief and want to help others avoid the pitfalls that I made along my grief journey. I was given the "Community Voice of the Year" award in 2010 for my contributions to the Dallas Morning News. I am about to have two short stories published in a book about motherhood, and am currently working on a book of my own right now.

    I get that you read C&P and think you know me- that I'm a goofy, rude airhead- and that's probably my own fault. However, I'm not. I am anything but weak minded, and am quite capable of seeing this city, and it's elected officials for what they are (and in some cases aren't).

  11. Kumbayah,Destiny,Kumbayah

    Please be certain, most people certainly DO NOT underestimate you.
    As for the "goofy ,rude airhead" that does seem to be PART of you, and perhaps the part that people like best.

  12. Destiny for city council. You rock, lady!