Saturday, April 23, 2011

Covert Agent Gathers Proof of Document Destruction

An anonymous secret covert agent (Tom Bache-Wiig) captured photographic evidence of the pre-election document purge at Richardson City Hall today. While most of the residents were planning for a pleasant afternoon listening to uninformed current council members spread misinformation (a.k.a. - lies) at the city council forum on the east side of Richardson, from the Richardson Coalition Gang, city staffers were preparing for a busy day of removing documents for destruction. While some men want their legacy stored in libraries (you know, the buildings with books that one candidate very loudly proclaimed he very seldom visits), some do not want their secrets made public and will go to extraordinary length to prevent their disclosure. Who do you call to hide those secrets? None other than the Brinks Document Destruction Team.

Brinks Secure Document Destruction: "No matter what sensitive and confidential material your organization handles, from paper-based documentation to data tapes, CDs, DVDs and other electronic media, Brink’s Document Destruction can destroy it all—quickly and securely."

Some men want libraries filled with the papers, which paint a picture of the legacy of their service. Others? Not so much.

Full Disclosure Notice: Just in case you are dumb enough to think this a true post, or if you have an overwhelming desire to write a blog post proclaiming this post to be a rumor  , I am telling you here and now, it is just the use of humor. Some people do not have the good sense to realized that fact. That is the reason for this disclosure.


  1. OMG, those trucks could hold tons of paper. And two trucks? Must want a lot of destruction done very quickly!

  2. Those Brinks Document Destruction trucks were not at city hall to destroy documents. You guys have it all wrong. They were taking advantage of one of the many amenities of Richardson, free parking. Richardson: the Town of Amenities.