Sunday, April 11, 2010

3-year cost for 4 City Employees: $3,775,027.70

Click on any of the graphics below to bring up a PDF file to make reading a bit easier.

I received this in my email in the wee hours of this morning and thought it would be worth spreading around.

This is the link to sick and vacation time documentation: These are city supplied documents.

Run the numbers for yourself.


  1. Is this for real?

  2. No joke. It is for real. If you want to run the numbers, I provided a link to the city documents supplied by multiple open records requests, 79 pages worth. I wish I could take credit for this (they did a fantastic job!!), but it is someone else who did all the real work on it and then emailed it out to HOA presidents, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

    I would imagine this is just the tip of it.

  3. What else would you expect from this group.They are friends and associates of two different men who are under federal indictments.So why would you be surprsed that we live in a culture corruption and are used by the same people that profess to being honest.We need to clean house now.

  4. It would be interesting to hear the "explanation" of how the COR can afford these numbers for salaries and benefits. It no doubt will sound similar to the justification that made no fiscal sense given by the COR in response to criticisms of ceding the operator of the golf course $1.3 million or more to "operate" the golf course.

    The "sell-back" of vacation hours as practiced by the COR for its top honchos is really egregious. Vacation time was provided to give an employee a break from work for the employee and their family, not provide a constantly renewable annuity for the City Manager, the Deputy City Manager and the Assistant City Managers.

    And why is "sell-back" still going on today for the Deputy and the Assistants? If one looks at the document that Mayor Slagel signed, it provided for the City Manager to offer this vacation sell-back to his top staff for the 2006/07 fiscal year ONLY.

    No other documentation authorizing the continuation of this activity has been produced by the COR in response to Public Information requests. Evidently Mr. Keffler "chose" to continue the process on his own authority.

    So here is yet another example extracted from the COR vault holding other "citizen friendly?" decisions made quietly and under the public radar.

    Read some of the letters to City Manager Keffler from Assistant City Managers requesting the "sell-back" of their vacation pay - in some cases wanting to sell-back what was not yet due, AND GETTING IT.

    Vacation time is for vacations. The COR management vacation policy should be changed to allow the accumulation of only two weeks of vacation per year, to be used as vacation or lost in that year. Cash out of unused vacation should be allowed only at termination or retirement.

    After one has seen the salaries and benefits provided at such high levels, one wonders why such highly compensated management requires a $66 million dollar bond issue passed. Maybe to keep those salaries and outlandish benefits?

  5. I went to the City manager's office and spoke With Michelle Thames, I asked her if the numbers were correct and she said "at first glance, they appear to be correct". Then she added that her office recently did a survey of all the city managers pay in the Dallas area and that Keffler's came in at 4th place. They must have ignored the vacation pay and all the other benefits in those numbers. Cool thing BTW that The City of Plano is doing now, you can see the pay stubs of every employee online. I seriously doubt we will ever see that kind of transparency in Richardson.

  6. @ Cary
    I hope she said the numbers were correct, they all came from those ole pesky open records requests. Every dealing I have had with Michelle has been very pleasant.
    If you have time, you may want to look at Keffler's pay per capita. Haven't have time to do that, but it might be interesting.
    Fat chance on getting Richardson to put their checkbook online. Someone from down in Austin at the state level offered to help any city setup their check books online. I think there might have been one or two cities to take her up on her offer, Richardson not among them.