Thursday, September 3, 2009

COR Residents Complain of Alleged Local Crime Syndicate – at 411 W. Arapaho???

Ok, someone is having WAY too much fun! Only 7 residents? We know which 7 it wasn't!
Must be a few idle hands around town. But I love it anyways!


  1. I know Ian is an expert in the law with his big fancy degree in journalism and all, but it's difficult for PUBLIC FIGURES to claim libel against a private citizen exercising 1st ammendment free speech rights. Put that in your clove ciggie, Ian. XO, Me

  2. I don't know who come up with this childish idea to tease city hall about being part of a crime syndicate. We all know the truth. So, who ever hatch this idea, shame on you, and you ever do this again! :0)

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    Ok, back now. Just recovering from the fall I took while having such a horrible, horrible, fit of laughter. But I am over it (NOT).

    So once again, shame on YOU, who ever pulled this prank!If you ever do it again.........

  3. Rather than Ian and Jeffery getting their panties in a wad over this posting, why don't they stop their wining and start doing some investigative reporting/writing? How much ethics smoke do they need to see from the likes of Gary Slagel and Bill Keffler before they will report the fire?

    And, as for their comments about libel and slander. Oh, c'mon, get serious. First, it isn't libel or slander if what is said is, um, true, and (2) courts rarely uphold libel or slader claims of public officials/people. My question here is why don't these DMN jokesters do a little hard journalistic reporting instead of just wining....

  4. David, honey, thanks for posting this. I laughed so hard that I nearly lost my teeth. Someone needs to address this crime syndicate as soon as possible. I'm serious. However, don't expect any help from Slagel or his puppets Murphy, Townsend, Solomon, Macy, and Omar. Do you ever wonder whether they get confused on who their puppetmaster is - Slagel or Eisemann?

  5. Barb, I am insulted! Over on Destiny's site you also almost lost your wig too! Just your teeth over here?
    That aside, did you at least get a video of your teeth almost coming out so that I could post it?I tell you, when I first saw this, I laughed like crazy. About the only thing I regret so far (no lawyers have been talking to me YET) is I didn't think of it first. Someone was clever beyond measure. And who ever that someone was....

    Thanks Barb,

    Take care.

  6. Anonymous said...
    Hell to the yeah.
    September 4, 2009 5:38 PM

    I have been debating on whether or not to delete this comment. I am not at all sure what you are trying to say. Probably a mistake to ask you, but if you would like to make it more clear what you were trying to say, please do.

  7. DC: I believe the anon comment "HTTY" means "Yes, I heartily agree!" when translated from the urban vernacular.

    The crime syndicate prank was funny but I worry that it is counterproductive in the long term. How many pranks does it take before the sole city recipient opts out?

  8. Thanks bloggermouse, not up on some of the slang. My first thought was something along the lines of "to h*** with you!"
    The prank was funny, and probably just a one time event. I have some web servers which log most eveything. If the person has DSL or cable, hopefully they don't have a static IP. If I were to be advising them, I would say pull the power cord on the modem, let it power down and then hopefully, when it powers back up, they will get a new IP. All of mine are static. So no such luck for me. And for once, I am really glad that it did not start with me. I have been known to be in the hot seat over stunts before. The reaction from Jeffrey and Ian seemed a bit over too serious. But, I don't work for the DMN, have a much different perspective and none of the responsibilities they have.

  9. Oh, what are they going to do? Cancel my subscription?