Saturday, April 25, 2015

When Does Underhanded Behavior Change to Illegal Behavior

For some time now, for this election cycle, there have been rumors of some bad and underhanded behavior. Apparently, there is fire that goes with the smoke of this rumor.

A while back it seems the wizard behind the curtain made a phone call to Dr. Jamison in what appears to be an attempt get city council candidate Claudia Tatum fired from her job at UTD. After hearing about this rumor I made contact with Claudia Tatum to find out if the Richardson Coalition grand master had in fact done this.

It seems the are degrees of conflicts of interest considering recent events in Richardson. It is ok for council members to be in bed with developers with business before the council, but it is not ok for a council member to work at UTD. It appears the man who hides behind the curtain, Eisemann himself, made this phone call

This action appears to violate Sec. 2.054.

Sec. 2.054.  COERCION AGAINST CANDIDACY PROHIBITED.  (a)  In an election that may be subject to this subchapter, a person commits an offense if by intimidation or by means of coercion the person influences or attempts to influence a person to:
(1)  not file an application for a place on the ballot or a declaration of write-in candidacy; or
(2)  withdraw as a candidate.
(b)  In this section, "coercion" has the meaning assigned by Section 1.07, Penal Code.
(c)  An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor unless the intimidation or coercion is a threat to commit a felony, in which event it is a felony of the third degree.

The message as described to me, was clear, "if you value being employed at you job, don't run. If you run and win, I will do what I can to hurt you by getting you fired."

This action is just one more thing the Richardson Coalition "members" have done to make our city worse. Can anyone take a guess why there are so few people running for council this year? Does is have anything to do with how the few, the hidden, the awful and underhanded member of the Richardson Coalition treat city council candidates?


  1. That's exactly the reason. Run w/o Coalition backing and be bullied, lied about and outspent 50 to 1.

    Is Claudia's boss at UTD willing to go public with this attempt by The Wizard?

  2. Don't make him bring out the flying monkeys.

  3. It is the witch that threats to bring out the flying monkeys, not the wizard. The wizard is just a wanna be.

  4. It's been expressed before, but it's abundantly clear that there must be an outside criminal investigation conducted regarding COR activities. I'm fairly sure the FBI is opening up on the Mayor and possibly other council members with regard to the Palisades. The Texas Rangers can certainly open up on Eisemann for this act and who knows, maybe those investigations will soon overlap on criminal acts and prosecutions? It's time folks. If you do have information on bribery, influence peddling, extortion, coercion, make your information known to either of the two law enforcement agencies. Do NOT call RPD as they are in Dan Johnson's (and by extension, Eisemann's) pocket.

    Those agencies will open up on these crooks and even if they don't make a case, they shine the light of day on their activities and force them out in the open.

  5. I have been told from credible citizens that the FBI is currently looking at this and they have assigned a special agent to the case.

  6. Yes, FBI is on it - I heard that too. Mayor Mascara has been playing us all for fools, cheated on her husband, lied to her children......what goes around, comes around.

  7. The FBI has known about what's been going on since before the public knew. No need to wonder about them.

  8. Play it again, Pete.

    When suspects are being questioned, a clear indication that there is culpability is they "lawyer up". The recent jeopardy presented by the Nathan Morgan investigation is not the first time Pete Smith has stepped into the shoes and performed a soft-shoe song and dance as Public Information Officer for a governing body.

    A plan to sell the public property at 300 E Arapaho then give the proceeds to a developer found in City Ordinance #3712 was thwarted when the Dallas County Appraisal District would not produce the method by which the property was valued for the sale. Pete Smith was called in to run interference in much the same manner as this past week, responding in lieu of the Public Information Officer for Dallas County.

    As we who have been watching for many years have witnessed, there are some very bad actors in the territory. They can hide behind the law for a long time until those consumed by their own ambitions commit so many egregious offences that retaliation by the good people of the community is inevitable.

  9. Is that a portrait of Eisermann? HA!

  10. It is time for everyone to step forward and personally deliver their opinions to the mayor ans her group of followers at the very open and public at city hall tonight. A visitors section will allow each citizen up to five minutes to do just that. It is my opinion that this would be more effective than the dialogue that occurs on the blog, Consider, It is being televised to the public at the expense of our (taxpayers) public television transmission. I have already expressed my opinion by responding to a request by Wendy Hundley of the Dallas Morning News It is now time to step forward and ask the mayor and any other council members, who are having second thoughts about any action or non-action to just step aside NOW.